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Get to Know Christchurch Weddings | My 'Why"

In this online world, we have information literally thrown at us from all angles, every single day and it’s brought up what I think is a really vital conversation - What is your ‘Why’ in this virtual space that can so deeply affect your real, daily life? I thought it would be the perfect chance to take a break from ‘How to plan your wedding 101’ blog posts and just strip things back a bit to show you what my ‘Why’ is and ultimately how I hope to help you when it comes to bringing together one of the most important days of your lives - Your wedding.

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Stuck on your Wedding Style or Theme? Here's Some Honest Questions to Ask Yourselves

Christchurch Weddings is on one hellova mission to help make wedding planning an easy, straightforward and ENJOYABLE process. That's right, ENJOYABLE. 

By keeping what's most important at heart, you'll whip up the day you've always dreamed of in no time. Here's a few questions to get you started.

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Short(er) and OH so Sweet | White Dresses Perfect for a Summer Wedding

Does anyone else feel like we skipped Spring and dove head first into Summer this year? I say this as I cling onto the wooden coffee table, because who doesn't love to be warm and sunkissed! It did get me thinking about my latest obsession though - the short(er) white dress.

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A Little Inspiration For a Uniquely Kiwi Wedding

My OH my Canterbury has been turning up the heat this week! It's got me thinking about what the perfect back yard cricket playing, slice of heaven singin', grass roots kiwi wedding and what that might shape up like, so I went on a mission to bring to you the first of many inspo boards.

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Welcome to the Directory - Chrystal O'Brien | Makeup Artist

The morning I was meeting Chrystal, I put my best daytime makeup skills to the test - not that I could ever compete with her flawless makeup! A true beauty inside and out, check out what we spoke about over a wine at one of our favourite spots in Christchurch.

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