Christchurch Weddings Free Shareables


The last thing I want is for you to feel bogged down with the sheer amount of work involved with wedding planning, so I’ve created a few little templates for you to take a step back, relax and have a little fun with things!

Each of these templates are designed to be uploaded to your Instagram story, filled out and shared and have many purposes! Whether you’re already married and would love to do it again (or plan a vow renewal), are well in the depths of planning and need a little break to reset, want to give your partner an ever-so-slightly strong hint to hurry up and propose, or whether you’re still waiting for Mr or Mrs Right but have your wedding pre-planned in your pretty head, these templates are for you all to lap up and enjoy!

Oh, and if you do use them make sure you tag @christchurchweddings so that I can see your answers - That would make my day!

Until next and with love, Lucy xx

This or That - Wedding Edition

This or That - Wedding Edition_CW copy.jpg
This or That - Wedding Edition_CW2.jpg
This or That - Wedding Edition_CW3 copy.jpg
This or That - Wedding Edition_CW4 copy.jpg

Say it with GIFs - My Perfect Hens

My Perfect Hens_CW.jpg