How to Conquer Your Wedding Guest List


I can see your eager eyes glued to the screen for this one! The wedding guest list is probably the single most daunting wedding task a couple to-be need to work through. Let’s ease up that building tension with a few questions we have asked ourselves about who to invite to our big day – starting with the best:


  • Would you go to dinner with them, and I mean just them?
  • Can you see your friendship still going strong in the next few years?
  • Do you see them regularly outside of work, gym, any activities?
  • If I wasn’t five (read: eight) drinks deep right now, would I be inviting them to our wedding?
  • Most importantly, are they absolutely over the moon for you two to get married?


Then there’s the controversial additions:


Plus ones

The on again off again partner, the friend of the friend who will know nobody else at your wedding, the ex of another guest who always makes a scene. You don’t need to feel compelled to hand out a plus one to everybody. If it’s going to keep the peace, maybe consider inviting the partner to for a boogie and a drink later on in the night, or just to the pre and post wedding events.


The Longest Standing Friends

You’ve had them as long as you can remember, but these days it’s a bit like Where’s Wally? If your relationship has burnt out, reconsider inviting them – the likelihood is that they probably aren’t expecting an invitation to come their way. If you really feel the need to include them, consider an invite to your engagement, hen or stag party instead.


Your Parents Friends

Their kids went to school with your other siblings, or they’re part of a group your parents belong to. Either way, your parents are adamant they want them in attendance. Sound familiar? No matter who they are, if they aren’t a part of your life don’t feel pressured to invite them – unless of course your parents are paying for the wedding, then you’re on your own… Sorry girlfriend!



It’s your big day, so if that means you want the adults to be carefree and let their hair down, don’t be afraid to cut children out of the picture. Do be sure to clearly state this on the invite, so it’s out in the open and people can make alternate arrangements. And besides, who wouldn’t be thankful for a night off from their kids!?


You were invited to their wedding

Now, usually it would go without saying that you reciprocate the gesture, however if your friendship has significantly faded since their wedding, or you are limited by numbers, don’t feel pressured to pay it forward.


If your gut is uneasy over someone, or if anyone is less than 110% happy for you, don't cave! It is a privilege to be on a guest list, and people should understand that there are limitations around budgets and venue capacity. At the end of the day, if someone is going to treat you poorly because they missed out on an invite, they’re probably not the type of person you want to be sharing your day with - Ain't nobody got time for that!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png