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Captured by Sarah Clements Photography

Captured by Sarah Clements Photography

In this online world, we have information literally thrown at us from all angles, every single day and it’s brought up what I think is a really vital conversation - What is your ‘Why’ in this virtual space that can so deeply affect your real, daily life? I thought it would be the perfect chance to take a break from ‘How to plan your wedding 101’ blog posts and just strip things back a bit to show you what my ‘Why’ is and ultimately how I hope to help you when it comes to bringing together one of the most important days of your lives - Your wedding.

Let me take you back to the time I officially (read: the day I could my Pinterest board public) started planning the day of our dreams - It was over three years ago and a lot has changed since then in the online galaxy that is the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the internet and especially social media are without a doubt the most powerful, inspiring and informative information hubs in the world, but I personally found that nothing was available in one single place - All of that goodness people like me needed was spread so thin, not very easy to find and totally unreflective of what our amazing local industry was up to.

Insert Christchurch Weddings.

I busted my little toosh and networked up a storm to launch a platform for you where you can come and use one single website that offers every resource you need to plan your entire, dream wedding day. A website with a person behind it, who you probably all know by now! A person (AKA me - Heeeeey) who confidently puts her hand up as high as she can for all of the amazing businesses on board Christchurch Weddings to say that these people are legitimately the best local talent around and I truly believe you will have the most incredible experience bringing any single one of them on board. Someone who has met every single person behind the businesses on the growing regional directory, creating a directory like no other and showcasing the work of these amazing people day in and out on social platforms. Christchurch Weddings wouldn’t be the same without these people, and they are doing fabulous things which is why I use their products and services every chance I get. They’re so creative, pushing boundaries, adapting to change and they’ll always put their hands up to try something different!

As with most industries, there can be a huge element of competition, and funny I say that now because looking back my Plan A for Christchurch Weddings didn’t quite work out and I think it might be because of a teensy splash of competition. Competition can be healthy, it can stretch you to new creative heights, push you to continually educate and up skill, help you to reach for the stars and put measures in place to achieve your goals - But when did competition mean that we stopped collaborating? Christchurch Weddings has no place for people who are anything but supportive of the businesses around them, and it’s pretty damn special. I could write a short story about the amount of times vendors have come to the party and helped make magic or saved the day at the very last minute and it makes my heart so full knowing what good sorts these people all are. They’re bloody legends, every single one of them!

Every wedding planning journey (for lack of better words) has its ups and downs. Whether it’s one In-Law that’s hard to tame (there’s usually always one!) someone in your life that just has an opinion on everything, a plan that hasn’t gone quite, well, to plan - Wedding planning can be tough and quite often you as a bride or groom can feel a bit isolated. Maybe you don’t want another opinion, maybe you just want some unbiased advice from someone who can help you come to a conclusion about what you want from whatever hurdle is thrown your way. That person is right here behind your screen - Hello, I’m Lucy and I love planning weddings!

I never ever want any of you to feel like having a chat with me is unobtainable and I’m always so happy to answer any random question you have or offer up my advice where it’s needed. Where you need a little bit more, I have consultations as their own package amongst my planning services and you are able to use this time to fire every question, concern or throw any idea around that you can and if we can’t meet in person we can Skype, Facetime or have a yarn over the phone! If for whatever reason this isn’t an option for you, the website is there for you to use at your full disposal. Use the blog and real wedding features for inspiration and advice, book your dream vendor team through the directory, and keep sending the wedding planning page to your parents as a bit of a hint hint - Kidding. But not really, you won’t ever regret it!

Then, when your amazing best day ever is all done and dusted, head to the submissions page and send me a couple of snaps or your whole freaking gallery and your beautiful face could end up featuring on Christchurch Weddings complete with a little tale of your love story!

Through it all, I never want you to lose sight of what makes you the incredible couple you are. It is that very essence that needs to be captured and injected into your wedding day to create a day unique to you and not just another wedding - And definitely not a surprise party for all of your guests! Ignore the trends, unless they’re your style down to the core and ask yourselves questions like these to ensure you are sticking true to yourselves.

Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to be able to bring to the market a little something that could be cherished forever. I adore writing and could write about my husband until the cows come home and I found that when I was putting my vows together, I couldn’t possibly say everything I wanted to in the couple of minutes I had to declare my commitments and promises in front of our nearest and dearest. I had scribbles upon scribbles backed up in a ratty 1B5 notebook and wanted to compile it all into something beautiful that would last a lifetime - Think along the lines of a modern love letter, but with a purpose. Notes from the Heart was born from this concept and I launched the gorgeous vow planning journal to solve all of your vow planning worries! Every page has a helping handwritten at the top. A prompter or sentence starter to capture your best (and worst) thoughts, feelings and memories of your better half. You can read more about it and purchase it here.

My ‘Why’? There’s not just me that makes Christchurch Weddings the amazing platform it is. There are nearly 100 local businesses contributing towards the content I create and that’s where every like, every question or poll story answered, every comment and every single ounce of engagement is so appreciated and never goes unnoticed. Then there’s you, my friend! You help make Christchurch Weddings exactly the resource it is and I hope you know that at the end of the day I feel my job is done if I have been able to help you out with any part of the planning process. It could be as simple as a vendor suggestion or a small piece of advice, or I could have planned your whole insanely memorable day! So, if I have been able to help, call it influenced if you must, please let me know - It truly means the world to me! My ‘Why’ might be my passion but my ‘Why’ is also you.

Until next,

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