Pre Wedding Journals | Choosing your wedding songs and a few country bangers!


We’ve all got ex’s to thank for something in this world, and I can happily thank mine for triggering my love for country music and so much so that on my life's bucket list I added a trip to Nashville for CMA Fest which I got to tick off with my best friend in 2017 - It’s still on there, I want to go at least once again in my lifetime!

Country music tugs on nearly every emotion we experience as humans, but most importantly as hopelessly romantic as I am, it tugs on my heartstrings and speaks volumes about love. It’s the perfect genre to introduce to your wedding day (of course, if it’s up your alley) and today in totally random order I have some of my all-time favourites to share and get your mind ticking that go far past the classic banger that is wagon wheel - Which I can guarantee as wedding guest you can find me chanting at some point in the evening!

You can check all of these out and more on my Spotify playlist HERE.

  1. Luke Combs - Beautiful Crazy

  2. Dan and Shay - Speechless

  3. Carrie Underwood - Look At Me

  4. Jason Aldean - You Make It Easy

  5. Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey

  6. Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You

  7. Lee Brice - I Don’t Dance

  8. Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy

  9. Dustin Lynch - Good Girl

  10. Morgan Evans - Day Drunk

  11. Brett Young - Change Your Name

We literally had the hardest time choosing the perfect songs for our day, so I hope that I can make the task a little bit easier for you all! Even if these songs aren’t quite you, check out the more from your favourite artists and read the lyrics of their songs on a deeper level - You might find something perfect for you.

Here’s a checklist of the songs you’ll want to select:

  • Ceremony Entrance (Up to two if you both want one)

  • The signing of the marriage certificate (I usually allow two)

  • Walking back down the aisle

  • Reception Entrance

  • First Dance

  • Father/Daughter or Mother/Son Dances (I haven’t seen this in a long time, but you might want to!)

It’s a great mood setter to have background music playing as your guests arrive, during canapes and during the reception if you don’t have entertainment in the way of musicians, so start putting a playlist together of all of your favourites to play during the day. A random Spotify playlist can be a good start, but do be prepared for the odd random choice to be played!

If I can offer my best piece of advice it would be to choose songs with meaning to you. Our favourite concert Nick and I went together to was Elton John a few years back and our playlist included a couple of his hits (what song of Elton’s isn’t a hit, am I right?!). My love for country music meant I wasn’t going to walk down the aisle to anything other than a country hit from the queen that is Carrie Underwood, and our other two had no meaning to us but they fit the bill! All in all, the songs don’t have to be about love or represent it in any way, shape or form - They can simply be tunes that resonate with you both and remind you about the most special moments or ones you have a joint love for.

Until next,

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