Beauty Babble | How I got my hair wedding ready and how I take care of it now


For those of you that have been following along with CW for a while now, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I love my hair and traditionally I have had major trust issues with who touches it! For those of you that are new - Hello, I’m Lucy, and I love my hair.

It hasn’t always been that way! I’ve been reduced to tears after box dye going wrong and turning me 50 shades of ginger, and there were times when the long mullet came back and I enlisted the services of hairdresser that shall not be named, only to walk out the door with a mullet so short I couldn't even tie my hair up. I didn’t sleep all night and got up at the crack of dawn to venture out and purchase hair extensions the next day.

After many horrendous experiences, and years of being a brunette with serious trust issues, I found my superstars at Pure Hair and have never looked back. A good cut and colour is only going to look good for so long and after the flood of questions about my home hair care routine, I thought it was about time I put together this little guide around what I do to look after my precious locks, and the extra things I did to get my hair wedding ready.

I’ll be 100% honest that I have been using most of the same hair care since well before my wedding. I love products with a natural, sustainable approach and principles, and ones that also think about the environment. I don’t use a lot of hot tools if I’m just cruising through the week, and I try to take care of my food and drink intake because I truly believe what you put in, shows on the out!

In the lead up to my big day, my salon visits became monthly from about five months out, and my home routine took over the in-between. I opt for brands like Olaplex, Evo, Original Minerals and Davines, all brands that can be purchased online via Hair Plus - There’s nothing better for a busy bride than deliveries directly to your door!

We can thank the hair gods that Olaplex came out when I was making the transition from brunette to blonde. Even though the products that Pure stock are far more gentle than others, bathing my hair in Olaplex #3 each week was key to keeping my mane fresh, conditioned and vibrant as time went on.

Evo Fabuloso is probably my most talked about product, and I get asked for the link to purchase it so often I had to save it to my notes! I either coat my damp hair in this miracle home toner/conditioner each week or every two weeks I’ll put in on dry hair for about 10 to 15 minutes and my blonde is back to new. It’s incredible, and you absolutely need this product in your life if you are a blonde.

I’ve been a ride or die fan of Morrocan oil, but after finishing my last bottle she’s gone out the door and I've moved in favour of the Davines Oi oil. It’s not a need, but I like to use it on damp hair to protect my ends before I apply any heat or tools and it smells like you’ve just left the salon!

Because I use Fabuloso, I find that’s the only purple product I need to use so I opt for a nourishing shampoo and conditioning range to take care of things. The O&M Hydrate and Conquer range is just incredible and I love that Pure Hair stock 1L bottles so you’re sorted for a while before needing to replenish. If I can’t get that range, I will often swap between anything O&M and the Davines Oi range, which the team at Hair Plus were kind enough to gift me a travel pack of recently. Regardless - It was going to get a mention! The Oi range is quite perfumy and wasn't great when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy that's for sure! But I love it for a change from the caramelly scent of the O&M range because it reminds me of the salon - you all know and love that smell, am I right?!

Davines Travel Pack, Gifted by Hair Plus

Davines Travel Pack, Gifted by Hair Plus

Blondes totally don’t need to be high maintenance, but I hands down believe that investing in quality products makes all the difference. We are so lucky that Hair Plus distributes locally which means super fast shipping for those products we can’t get our hands on for whatever reason, and right to our doorstep!

Did you find this useful? What are your favourite hair products? Let’s chat!

Until next,

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