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The Tannery would have to be the ultimate in old vs. new school Christchurch. It’s a breathtaking venue oozing with wow factor that speaks for itself, and has options to suit the most modest guest list through to large scale events. I recently met with their events manager, Jenna for a little tour.


Tell me about the most common misconception people have when it comes to The Tannery?

That there are shoppers all around you when you’re getting married! Your wedding does not happen when the public are shopping, we get all hands on deck as soon as the stores close to set up and get the space wedding ready. Here’s a timelapse of how it all unfolds...

Tell us a little more about each space you have on offer?

We have four different spaces all together, they can be all used as a private space or in combination. For example for a wedding in the Atrium you might choose to start your welcome in Blue Smoke or have your ceremony in Metropolitan Lounge.

The iconic and exquisite AGA is perfect for an intimate Wedding. It creates a unique and timeless ambiance of refined luxury. The bespoke open plan kitchen with its British AGA oven, French tiling and comfortable, on site-built solid oak furniture can take you back to the ‘old world’.

Blue Smoke is perfect for a rustic informal wedding anytime of the year. With the log shed outside area and steamship fireplace and heated deck it is great space for summer or winter weddings. If you work with what Blue Smoke already offers it makes for a stress free, flexible venue.   

The Victorian era Atrium is our amazing gala space, with high vaulted ceilings, fairy lights and enough space for 300 guests seated or 600 cocktail provides a spectacular ambience for your wedding. Tastefully designed and meticulously appointed with French tiled floors, mahogany shop fronts, and stained glass it has a magic atmosphere.

Our newest Metropolitan Lounge is a great space for ceremony or your welcome and makes really nice addition to the AGA and Blue Smoke or Atrium with white high ceilings, great views, deck and plenty of natural daylight.


Price range and capacity?

AGA Kitchen for intimate weddings of 20 to 50,

Blue Smoke for rustic casual weddings of 50 to 200

And the amazing Atrium for just any group from 30 to 300  

Our Newest Metropolitan Lounge can accommodate any group from 20 to 100

As we have four different options available at the Tannery the venue hire options are endless; AGA wedding from $950 to a large wedding of 200 in the Atrium from around $3500


What do you most look forward to with each wedding?

The first dance under the fairy lights, so romantic and so special!


Aside from your incredible workspace, where is your favourite Canterbury hotspot, and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I adore the OGB, they have the most fabulous wine list, live music and service. They always get it right! In my spare time, well I have two boisterous dogs, so my partner and I like to get a takeaway coffee, walk along Sumner beach until they run out of steam. Exploring New Zealand is important to me, still amazed by this beautiful country. I'm really into my food and wine so weekend vineyard trips and local markets are often on the agenda.


What do you think would be the best piece of advice you can give a couple looking for their perfect venue?

It's like the dress and the man, when you know, you know it’s the one.


What is something out of the ordinary that The Tannery can provide?

Having the flexibility of four different venues on site which can be used for either the reception, ceremony or both; is unique. This also gives us huge flexibility and allows me to tailor each wedding to fit the bride's dream. The expectations of the bride and groom can be very big but we have the space for all; the small intimate wedding or the large spectacular wedding.  

The Tannery has something to offer for all seasons and that is what makes the venue unique. Blue Smoke, the AGA and Atrium make not only amazing spaces for summer weddings but they are too fabulous Autumn and Winter venues.

As it gets dark early in winter our spaces are truly magical. Doesn’t matter if it is a small wedding in AGA kitchen, larger groups in Blue Smoke or Atrium with the fairy lights, cosy feel pop on some mulled wine and it becomes a winter wonderland.

The venues already house such character, not much has to be done to make the reception area special. White linen, flowers from Mrs Bottomleys and some personal touches is all you really need.

The little extras....... We also like to take the pressure off and do as much as we can to make the planning process easy. The final meeting the day before where I meet the MC, make sure everything is in place and all the wedding fair is dropped off, the future Bride & Groom can leave with peace of mind. We set everything up, break everything down and keep safe until items can be collected. We can also arrange a private room and have some sparkling on ice for when the Bride & Groom and bridal party arrive at the venue, time to relax before the big announcement.


Your favourite store front? If you dare say!

I love the Recycle Boutique because I can't resist a bargain. Also WE LOVE visiting the ladies at She Chocolate for a sweet treat made from the highest quality ingredients, they have delicious treats to brighten any day. It’s like a little village here at The Tannery, everyone knows everyone!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png