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There’s few things more inspiring than meeting a florist on a warm, sunny day, and Alicia from Bunch Floral is no exception to that! Alicia and I cosied up on the couches at XCHC Cafe recently and talked all things Bunch, here's what she had to say...


So, how did you get into floristry?

I was a Graphic Design graduate, and landed a job straight out of University, but found the job just wasn’t giving me the creative outlet I thought it would. That, and I was based in an office that was a black box so I never got to see daylight during the working day. Whilst travelling around Europe in a VW camper for a year, I found myself hunting out the flower markets and florist shops, Paris and Amsterdam was where I fell head over heels in love with flowers. After arriving home, I landed a job with a local florist where I was given an amazing opportunity to learn on the job, and within a couple of years, Bunch was born.


How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is untraditional and more relaxed. By relaxed I mean I like to let the product dictate the shape and feel of the arrangement. You might find a giant branch with moss smack bang in the middle of a bunch. I like to create a look that represents our landscape, so in your house, it sits alone in a vase as some sort of sculpture rather than an obvious bunch from the florist shop wrapped in orange paper with glitter. The seasons / what is in bloom dictates my style. So in a way I would like to say its ever changing.


What do you love about floristry?

You can't beat working with flowers, they are the best and always remind me how amazing nature is. I love the reaction I get when I deliver flowers, its honestly the best gift to give and receive. I am going to change the whole "flowers are too expensive they only die" opinion; Flowers are just as delightful as a bottle of wine, or a nice block of cheese - the biggest difference is that they last longer than one night. Flowers can be the most unexpected, yet most welcomed gift, and they have a low impact on the environment.


Christchurch question coming right up, what school did you go to?

HAHA CGHS! I'm going to start singing Jerusalem soon.


Have you ever had an “oh wow” moment?

I have a lot of those haha, most of them are oh wow what am I doing moments. But I have had some really cool moments, where I step back from a project when its complete and think.. I just made all of that, the idea from my mind just came to life, and thats when I generally go, oh wow.


What is your favourite Canterbury spot?

A lot of my time is spent driving around, discussing events, planning wedding flowers, delivering bunches etc so when I go for “me” time I like to treasure my silence from the outside world. I gravitate towards the ocean and the hills. Logging at Scarborough in the evening with my friends is the best. I also love the stroll around Corsair to Cass Bay on a calm evening.


What is on the cards for Bunch next?

I have a few exciting things in the pipeline so watch this space! More workshops, and an easy Inner City flower order & delivery system are all going to happen soon.


For those of you wondering where Bunch is located, XCHC have an amazing shared workspace facility where Alicia bases Bunch from. If you’re ever stopping by for a coffee and see Alicia working her magic, be sure to say hi!


Welcome to Christchurch Weddings, Alicia - I am so thrilled to have you on board!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png