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Pre Wedding Journals | Breaking up with a Bridesmaid

Last night one of my girlfriends sought out my advice. She’d seen on one of my recent wedding related stories that a biggest regret of mine was around a certain gal in my bridal party and that she was having issues - Problems that turned out to be far too similar to mine and oh boy, a whole lot of not so great memories were brought up! It’s not something I’ve touched on a lot on here as I prefer to leave things in the past, but I think it’s time to talk and hopefully help those of you finding yourselves in a sticky situation.

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Pre wedding journals | Sleep remedies for the Bride to-be

Wedding planning can be so stressful, am I right? One slight difference in opinion with a family member or friend and you can be sent on a downward spiral of sleepless nights festering over how you’re going to broach the subject next time around. Aside from a s**t tonne of deep breaths, there are plenty of natural remedies that can help you relax and put the emotional and physical tension at bay.

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Pre Wedding Journals | Selecting the right makeup artist for YOU

Let me take you to a time, a time where a makeup artist was applying false lashes on me. WITH SUPERGLUE. And another time where I was told to take a lipstick of another MUA for the day and just return it to her the next day. Or another time where my pasty face was subject to the same colour foundation (or do I call it paste) as my super tanned friend.

Two of those situations were from the same experience. Regardless, NOT COOL. Let’s chat about what you should expect from a bridal trial.

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Pre Wedding Journals | Beauty - My routine then, and what I’d do now

Sharing this story with you all has been near the top of my to do list literally as long as I have had my wedding images back, but I didn’t just want to write this post specifically for acne sufferers. Every bride and groom deserve to look and feel their best EVER on their wedding day, so what you will find as you read this ginormous blog are the things I did for my skin in the lead up to my wedding along with things I would do differently, or incorporate now - Oratane or not.

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Stuck on your Wedding Style or Theme? Here's Some Honest Questions to Ask Yourselves

Christchurch Weddings is on one hellova mission to help make wedding planning an easy, straightforward and ENJOYABLE process. That's right, ENJOYABLE. 

By keeping what's most important at heart, you'll whip up the day you've always dreamed of in no time. Here's a few questions to get you started.

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Welcome to the Directory - Mandy | Champs-Elyseés Day Spa

When your work place is this beautiful, I'd jump out of bed everyday! For Mandy Pickering, Marketing Manager of Champs Elyseés Day Spa, walking into this gorgeously restored Christchurch building is an every day reality, and we sat down for a spot of tea to talk all about it.

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