Pre Wedding Journals | My opinion on your opinion of the couple to-be

Captured by Yaoqi Lai

Captured by Yaoqi Lai

Did your ma ever tell you, if you don't have anything nice to say - then don't say it at all?

Well, hmph. 

People just love to have opinions, especially when it comes to weddings. Even more so when it comes to a royal wedding.

You all know what I'm about to get talking about now, don't you? Meghan's ceremony dress. The backlash on the internet has been completely and utterly insane. And for what? It's not as if their opinion even weighs into the equation. The dress she wore, was made of her choice for her day - not yours.

Which brings me back to our much more simple lives. You're getting married - YAY! It's the most exciting time ever and you have literally spent months, or let's face it, years dreaming up this perfect day in your head. How to make it your own, make it unique and different. Where to host it, what to wear, eat and drink, your guest list, the order of the day - keeping in mind what's most important to you and the love of your life.

So, why do people still feel the need to force their opinion of what you should do, on you?

To a bride, hearing an opinion that doesn't fit with her brief can send her on a downward spiral towards upset and confusion. Do you understand how many choices a bride has to make to bring together her big day, without having to keep some ignorant twat happy and let them have their 'two cents' without having a mental breakdown? Unless you've been through it yourself, it's pretty much unfathomable. And you wonder how bridezillas are made. Well, I have an opinion, and that is to stick yours where the sun doesn't shine because I don't want to hear that you've shared it. I mean, are you trying to get your invite revoked? Because that can be arranged.

When monetary contributions come into the mix, the lines can easily start to blur as a couple will feel that they owe the parents, or grandparents a few things incorporated into the day that they want. Before you know it, your arm has been twisted to accommodate an old neighbour's fathers cousin (total exaggeration but all for the sake of making a point), someone you don't even know or haven't spoken to in years and I believe that putting a couple in a situation like that is simply unfair. As a wedded couple, the wedding day is not the time or place to be introduced to new people or catching up on the last 10 years of your life. It's about who has been there for them and is still right by their side in the present day, of course with an intention that they will be involved in their lives for many more years to come.

A bride needs to feel nothing but positive vibes, love and support in the lead up to her big day. She will ask for advice when she needs it, or of your opinion when she's stuck in two minds. But she just wants to know and be able to rest easy that you will be there to help if it's needed, and without an 'I told you so'. So take a step back, and think before you speak the next time you go to voice an opinion to a bride-to-be.


Just a little mic drop, until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png