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Pre Wedding Journals | Breaking up with a Bridesmaid

Last night one of my girlfriends sought out my advice. She’d seen on one of my recent wedding related stories that a biggest regret of mine was around a certain gal in my bridal party and that she was having issues - Problems that turned out to be far too similar to mine and oh boy, a whole lot of not so great memories were brought up! It’s not something I’ve touched on a lot on here as I prefer to leave things in the past, but I think it’s time to talk and hopefully help those of you finding yourselves in a sticky situation.

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Bridesmaids Tales | How to ace your role by your Bride's side

Being asked to stand by your gals side on her big day is literally the ultimate extension of friendship you could ever come across. A role that is such an honour should never be taken lightly, and that's why I have called in an expert for this blog. Meet Petrina Chai, you could call her a serial bridesmaid - but one thing is for sure, she has this gig down pat.

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