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Get the Look | The Ultimate Canterbury Wedding Giveaway

Well, well, well - You’re all a very curious bunch, aren’t you? The number one question surrounding the Ultimate Canterbury Wedding giveaway where to source everything and how much it all costs! Today I’m here to give you all of the goodness to allow you to achieve a similar look or hire some of the same items yourselves.

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Christchurch Weddings x Backstage Social Club Open Day Wrap Up 2019

As fast as July came and went, so did Christchurch Wedding’s first-ever community event! With the insanely talented line up of 18 contributing vendors, we entered the Backstage Social Club on Friday morning and with lead stylist Lucy Chappell of Bleu studio on board, transformed its historic, yet modern industrial bones over one day into a space Canterbury has not ever witnessed before to showcase an Open Day concept that the region has never laid its eyes on - A venue fully set up for the real, live wedding reception that was to follow that same afternoon for the ultimate wedding inspiration experience.

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Stuck on your Wedding Style or Theme? Here's Some Honest Questions to Ask Yourselves

Christchurch Weddings is on one hellova mission to help make wedding planning an easy, straightforward and ENJOYABLE process. That's right, ENJOYABLE. 

By keeping what's most important at heart, you'll whip up the day you've always dreamed of in no time. Here's a few questions to get you started.

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Welcome to the Directory | Chloe - Balencia Lane

Chloe from Balencia Lane runs full steam ahead, as you’re about to find out. People are her passion, and it sure shows! I couldn't help but be drawn into conversation with her as we sipped on coffee at one of our favourite local cafes, Unknown Chapter.

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A Little Inspiration For a Uniquely Kiwi Wedding

My OH my Canterbury has been turning up the heat this week! It's got me thinking about what the perfect back yard cricket playing, slice of heaven singin', grass roots kiwi wedding and what that might shape up like, so I went on a mission to bring to you the first of many inspo boards.

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