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The morning I was meeting Chrystal, I put my best daytime makeup skills to the test - not that I could ever compete with her flawless makeup! A true beauty inside and out, check out what this laid back chick and I chatted about over a wine at one of our favourite spots in Christchurch...


How did you become an MUA?

I’ve just always loved makeup, and have had a love affair with Mac as long as I can remember. When I left school I was thinking about getting into it and ended up working under a local makeup artist as I taught myself the ropes. A couple of years on I went out on my own and have been doing it ever since - I think it’s been about eight years now!


What school did you go to?

I went to a couple! I started at Cashmere High and just found it wasn’t motivating me enough, so I moved to Middleton Grange.


Top five beauty items and why? - This got outta hand real quick!

  1. I use Mac Strobe Cream literally every day, even if I’m not wearing makeup. It gives my skin the most radiant glow, and acts as a moisturizer and primer too.

  2. Mac Paint Pot in the shade Groundwork is a must on the eyes. I wear it on its own, or as a base with either a touch of shadow or the whole nine yards.

  3. For skin care, I love the Aspect brand. I like to keep my routine simple with their face wash and moisturizer, and that’s pretty much it as I don’t like putting too many products on my face.

  4. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer tubes are just amazing.

  5. My favourite lipstick of all time is Mac’s Viva Glam 2, and it’s in their permanent range. It’s just the most beautiful colour, has a great texture, it’s moisturizing - I wear it just about every day!

  6. I can’t answer this question and not talk about highlighter! For winter, or a more natural look I love Benefit Watt's Up. It’s got a beautiful creamy consistency which is great for the cooler months where your skin tends to be drier. In summer and for glam looks I love more golden shades like Becca x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop.

  7. Oh, and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray!


What is the most fatal mistake people make doing their makeup?

If I think in terms of bridal makeup, it would be when brides go with trends that are different from how they would normally wear their makeup.

When it comes to makeup in general, not having the right shade of foundation is the biggest mistake you can make, especially when you are transitioning in-between seasons. I think that everyone should have two shades in their kit - a winter and a summer shade, and you can mix them as needed.


What is your style, and do you have a favourite makeup look?

My style is very soft, smokey and blended, and I love healthy glowing skin. You won’t see a harsh line in sight! I love a bold lip or eye, but I wouldn’t say that there’s one specific thing I enjoy most - I just love experimenting with different looks.


What can people expect when they come for a trial with you?

My trials are normally an hour long. I take the time to get to know your skin type and makeup routine, and then move on to find out about your wedding. Things like the theme, colour scheme and flowers help give me a good idea about the colours I’ll bring into somebody’s look. Often clients will bring photos, but it’s important to remember that what looks natural in a photo, will probably have more coverage in real life.


What do you see trending this season?

Warm, summery colours - lots of copper and gold, glowing skin and nudey brown lips.


What’s your favourite Canterbury hotspot?

If I’m eating I love a good Lone Star meal, or Mexicano's is always a go-to.


Welcome to Christchurch Weddings Chrystal, it's a pleasure to have such a talented, babin' beauty on board!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png