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Pre Wedding Journals | Bringing in a helping hand and who does what

Locking in a helping hand when it comes to bringing your big day together is quite possibly one of the single most stress-lifting decisions you can make as a bride or groom. But with it comes the question of what type of person do you need for the job, and why?

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Gettin' your glow on with The Tan Bar

With all of the tans available on the market these days, how on earth are you supposed to decide which one is best for you? Well for one, a tan trial is a must, and two - if you’re not out to look like either an oompa loompa or ready to hit the Gold Coast clubbing scene, you should probably hit up The Tan Bar.

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Top Tips to Keep Your Wedding Vendors Happy

You know how people joke about a waiter spitting on their food if you're a total pain in the ass? Or how you'll always make an effort to go the extra mile for people who are kind to you? Well take those ideas, nestle them in your pretty wedding planning brain and soak in these tips to keeping your team of wedding superstars happy throughout the planning period.

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