Top Tips to Keep Your Wedding Vendors Happy


You know how people joke about a waiter spitting on their food if you're a total pain in the ass? Or how you'll always make an effort to go the extra mile for people who are kind to you? Well take those ideas, nestle them in your pretty wedding planning brain and soak in these tips to keeping your team of wedding superstars happy throughout the planning period.


1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Wedding vendors may be magical beings, but they still need sleep - and somewhat of a life! If your vendors have set opening hours, take a note and accept those times. Understand wedding season is a crazy, and I mean CRAZY time of the year! It's totally normal to wait two-three days for a response, so don't go feeling neglected when you don't get an email on the same day.


2. It's you and me, baby

Don't bring an entourage with you to meetings, after all, your wedding is about you and your partner - right? More often than not, the more people in the room, the higher chance there is for conflict, a wedding vendors worst nightmare! Don't put them in that position.


3. Don't let your ideas spiral out of control

You're planning your wedding a year out, it's only to be natural that you'll change your mind throughout the process. Take your own list of questions and ideas and save them for one single meeting. Wedding vendors work on multiple weddings at once, and it can get confusing if you're sending an email with a single question every other day. It's also a good opportunity to sit on your ideas and figure out if they're right for you before you make changes.


4. Gotta have faith, baby

If you've selected your vendors carefully, you've got the best in the business. Trust them to do their job. In the same breathe, if you have questions or concerns don't be afraid to raise them, but do it politely - handled the wrong way, a slight miscommunication can turn ugly and ain't nobody got time for that! 


5. Yummy yummy yummy, they've got food in their tummy

Hangryness is real, and many of your vendors spend the whole day perfecting every last detail to put your day together, that's a lonnnng time! It may be in your contract with some, but consider feeding your vendors. Most caterers will have a 'staff' meal rate they can offer, or you could pack a picnic. You could offer your makeup artist and hairstylist breakfast, brunch or lunch - they will love you for it!


6. We keep this love in a photograph

Your vendors have an eye for the perfect detail, but getting that to translate through the lens can be a tough gig! When you get your wedding images through, send your wedding vendors a few images you'd be happy for them to share on their website and/or social media and let them know who the photographer is so they can credit them, as well as the other vendors who collectively put your dream day together.


7. Iiiiiii want to THANK YOU, for giving me the best day-ay of my life

In the words of Dido #throwback, thank your vendors. A gift as little as a genuine thank you email, or a card goes such a long way. Go for the slam dunk and write a testimonial, or a review on Facebook for the business - these little words of thanks and praise do help with future bookings. If you have the budget for it, a heartfelt little something will totally make them weak at the knees! 


Was there anything you did, or are planning to do for your magical wedding fairies? They will so love you for taking on board any of these tips and tricks.


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey (1).png