Pre Wedding Journals | Take a chill pill, Bride Babe

Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Hey Bride Babe, 

I hear you’re something along the lines of a self confessed ‘control freak’ and that it’s making you a little heavy hearted about your wedding day.

Am I right?

Well, I’ve been there. That was me three years ago and I’m not about to let you take the same downfall!

Let’s strip it back to what a wedding is all about - That’s getting you married! Leave your inner Bridezilla at the door and put your focus on what’s most important to you as a couple. It’s not about the details. And besides, didn’t you hire a handful of vendors to bring your vision to life? 

I definitely want to talk to you about that. The people you sought out have been in the game for a very long time. They are creative souls who do their best work when trust is placed on them to bring the magic to life. You’ve chatted to them about the brief, you’ve sent them a couple of images. Now, unless anything drastic changes, leave them be - Your wedding day is in capable hands. I’ll be watching if you even so much as think of drafting an email to your photographer with 20 different images you think would be cool to capture. 

I’ll take you back to my wedding. I was so worried about forgetting to do something that it drastically affected my week pre-wedding and I so wished I’d been able to hand over the reigns. Even at our pre-drinks I was itching to get back to our accomodation to finish things off, all while wondering when I’d find the time to eat dinner! I get it, you know I’m a planner and you may absolutely take what’s about to be said with a grain of salt if you choose, but I genuinely wish I’d made the allowance to book a coordinator for my wedding day. On top of that, I let the outside noise get to me. I wanted to give everyone the biggest, most amazing surprise party but I completely forgot that the party I was bringing to life was supposed to be for me and my brand new husband!

Bride Babe, why are you worrying about things that don’t matter, and won’t matter after the new dawn breaks following your marriage? Your wedding day is about you two saying a big, juicy YES to forever together, it’s not about Susie getting her perfect favour or Daniel getting his choice of dessert. Stop accommodating all of the noise and focus on the two of you. When you strip things back to what makes the two of you happiest, the decisions will become so simple and the outcome so uplifting that you my Bride Babe will be able to enjoy one heck of an occasion and not worry about a thing.  

Your guests will enjoy themselves regardless. They are here for you, to celebrate your love and commitment to your partner after all! They will have the company of those around them and that is the greatest form of entertainment anyone can hope for at what’s going to be the ‘best day ever’. They aren’t going to remember the texture of the napkins or any personalisation, but they will remember the company and the beautiful, unique moments during the day that pay tribute to you as a couple.

Bride Babe, if you can take this advice and hand off anything that’s not important to you, it’s going to give you time to focus on the most special, unique moments of the day - And better yet, you’re going to enjoy putting your energy into them knowing that everything else is being taken care of by your vendor dream team. Allow yourself the time out to carefully craft your perfect vows, write a speech that will have every emotion spilling from your spoken words, turn learning your first dance into a date night and spend some quality time grabbing dinner afterwards. Enjoy yourself and be fully present in every moment leading up to, and on your wedding day and it will be a time you treasure forever.

Until next,

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