Diary of a Wedding Planner | When mobile phones going off have their place at a wedding

Shot by Williams Photography

Shot by Williams Photography

While you wouldn’t whip it out mid-ceremony (get your mind out the gutter), phones can play a huge part in a wedding day!

Let’s talk music for instance, and my hot tips when you combine a bit of modern tech with some sweet sweet sound. 

If you’re doing you’re own music for the day, or needing some ambience until the DJ/Band begin, locate a phone, set it aside and use it only for music on your wedding day. 

I always suggest Spotify, but however you do it, download two playlists.

The first is for all of your important music. Think ceremony entry, registry signing, ceremony exit, reception entrance and possibly your first dance. Put these songs in order, turn ‘gapless playback’ on so there are no pauses in between songs (great for signing the register as no pauses), make the playlist available offline and voila - You are set for all of the important music moments of the occasion!

The second playlist is for pre-wedding, canapés and/or dinner music. This could take the form of a pre-made lineup, but keep in mind that sometimes you might be thrown a surprise genre (Read: The Wiggles could play at any given moment during cocktail hour. That actually happened one time. Thank the heavens I didn’t choose the playlist.) Your best bet is to create your own, make it available offline and hit play.

I personally don’t like to put my faith in Bluetooth to play its part in any wedding day - That’s just my inner wedding planner eliminating risk! Whether you reply on it or not is up to you, but if anything needs to be plugged in, make sure you have the right adapter and an aux cord. 

Do a quick test run by taking the phone to the rehearsal for a sound check and you are sorted for the wedding day, then, just before go time, switch the device to aeroplane mode, and you’re literally set for the day with beats that won’t be interrupted with message alerts.

Simple. Easy. Sorted. Just how I like it, and I hope you do to. Let me know what you think of this little hot tip session, and if there’s something else you’d like advice on I’d love to hear!

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