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Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Cantabrians, by nature, tend to be incredibly conservative when it comes to style, to change - It's as if we get into this safe zone that’s near on impossible to claw ourselves out of! But change is a part of life, and style is how we express our individual personalities - Throw a wedding in the mix and it is absolutely the time to get thinking outside the box.

We’ve seen what I often reference as the ‘traditional Canterbury wedding’ and as much as I try my best to avoid speaking it, the word ‘rustic’ tends to sum it up. For a huge percentage of Cantabs tying the knot in the ‘03, this is their style and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I also do believe and often witness just how easy it is to fall into the trap of opting for hessian clad tables and wooden centrepieces because so many local venues lean to this style!

With all of this said, I’m combining my planning wish list with my craziest creative styling dreams for today’s little journal and sharing with you some of the things I’m literally waiting on the edge of my seat to see play out in the realm of real weddings.

Very quickly it all became about the flowers for me when I started scribbling down my wish list for the upcoming season! You could have the most amazing styling plan in the entire universe, but if your florals don’t match the brief your wedding style can go from modern hero to a very confused WTF in seconds. I don’t just want to see the same old bouquets this season, I want to see colour and I want to see it in the most beautiful contrasting arrangements ever! I would literally squeal if I could see this play out at a venue like Ilex - The sleek interior is just screaming for this kind of attention.

After a chat with Alicia from Bunch Floral last week, we got talking about bouquets and how we tend to gravitate towards the common structures. Tight and pretty, a little wild or cascading seem to be it. But why do we stop there? Imagine something truly architectural, something that flows all the way to the ground, different shapes - The options are endless but it means putting trust in your florist to create the magic. Can you hand over the reins?

Stationery and signage are coming in hot on my list too. I want to see oodles of colour and texture, different shapes and sizes, interesting font pairings. Throw that wooden welcome sign out the door and get crafty - Pinterest is the perfect starting point to get an idea of elements to bring together!

A blog like this cannot be written without touching on the ceremony. Whether you’re short and sweet, or romantic and involved I’d love to see your nearest and dearest circling you as a sign of love and support for the newlyweds. Think about ditching the chairs and take the relaxation levels down a notch or two by putting rugs and cushions down on the ground.

Most importantly, I want to see couples doing their wedding their way. As a planner, I want to see couples experimenting with their timings to create a day that best represents their lifestyles. If you’re early risers or outdoorsy types why don't you consider a sunrise first look or morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception and then a creative shoot to finish the day off together? On your wedding day, you can literally do anything and there is no better compliment when people describe your wedding as ‘so you’.

We are so lucky that our little region has a tonne of sleek new modern furniture arriving by the container loads to provide us with some fresh options that we haven’t had available to us previously! I’m personally all about these pieces but as a planner, I’m all about clever styling that perfectly lines up with your personal vibe. Don’t be afraid to use juxtaposition and contrast elements, or keep things sleek and minimal, or throw a tonne of colour at your locations if that’s the type of couple you are, and if rustic is for you, then you go for it too!

I could literally go on for days with all of the ideas zooming around my head, but these are what sprung out of the depths of my grey matter first. If you’d like to chat more about anything brewing in your mind I’m always available for consults to help you figure out what will work, the order or a good halfway point if it’s the conclusion we come to! All in all, never ever be afraid to be you, especially on your wedding day and as I always say, if it’s true to you, it will always remain a classic.

Until next,

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