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Bridesmaids Tales | The ultimate wedding survival kit

If you're anything like my dear friend Petrina, you'll rock up prepared for any occasion. And when that comes to weddings, in tow is a giant bag filled with every possible item you may find yourself in need of should things take a turn, big or small. Ready to make a shopping list? Let’s go!

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Bridesmaids Tales | Your role in the final days

The wedding week will be here before you know it, and if you've taken our advice from part one of the Bridesmaids Tales series, you'll be safe and sound in the good books and in the running for Bridesmaid of the year! I'm with my girl Petrina once again to show you what might be expected of you in the final days before and on your girls' wedding day. So, grab a pen, some paper and a coffee and let's get this thing started.

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