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Captured by Tegan Clark Photography

Captured by Tegan Clark Photography

Where do I even start with Sarah! On our second meeting at a wedding fair she caught me taking photos on my iPhone, came up to me and told me that we had to put a stop to that - A week later I cruised on out to her beautiful home and she gave me a crash course on how to use my camera. We chatted until the stars came out, so I better share some of it with you!


Tell me about your background, and how photography became your day job?

I actually had a bad horse riding accident a few years ago and damaged my back! I got a camera to take photos of my friends horse riding while I wasn't and ended up doing a few horse shows after a couple of months. Then someone asked if I would be interested in shooting their wedding, I said yes even though I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but alas I did it and got hooked! That was three years ago and it took off from there, I have now been lucky enough be capture over 100 amazing wedding days and I never want to stop!


What is the image you most look forward to capturing at a wedding?

I think I have two! When a Dad looks at his Daughter for the first time in her gown, and when the Groom sees his Bride walking down the aisle, my heart goes fuzzy here! Also anything to do with Grandparents has so much goodness!


Do you have a favourite photographer?

I have so many! Keegan Cronin, Danelle Bohane, Alana Taylor and Cassie Rosch are all pretty up there!


What else do you like to capture aside from weddings?

Any type of animal, I love them all! Aside from animals, I love photographing couples too - all of those quirky looks they give and in between connections they have with each other makes for some amazing photos.


Got a party trick up your sleeve?

I’d love to tell you but you'll have to book me to find that one out!


What's the best photography trick, or piece of advice you've been given to date?

Focus on the connections and let those beautiful moments happen authentically - If you spend all of your time being posed or posing, you won't have any time to let the real moments happen!


To buy the album, or not to buy the album?

Buy the album! How else are you going to display all of those beautiful memories?! You can't frame a USB.


What would the first encounter with Sarah shape up to look like for a couple to-be?

First you will probably notice my eyes get all sparkly when you talk about your wedding. Then there will be some laughter and I will probably get chocolate powder from my mocha on my face.... Hopefully you'll already love my work and want to hang out with me on the day by then!


Welcome to the directory, Sarah - I cannot wait to see what photography goodness you whip up this season!


Until next,

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