tegan clark photography

tegan clark photography


Golden light, secret smiles between the bride and groom, inside jokes, grandmas cutting shapes on the dance floor - they fuel me.  Weddings are my jam. They make me happy.  (FYI, so does Burger Fuel, dog videos, dancing intensely and holding babies.)  I've been photographing weddings for six years now, and they still bring me so much joy.   

My goal for each and every wedding is to ensure that the couple are relaxed and enjoying their day and that they get to spend as much time as possible with each other and their guests. Candid, emotional images are my favourites, ones with real smiles or tears or gut busting laughter.  I strive for images that show the magic of relationships, images that make you feel something when you look at them.  

So let's talk.  I'm keen to capture the magic that you share.

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