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If we each had a dollar for every calendar clash between me and Moni from Graceful Hair Art, I think we’d be very rich women! Moni had been on my radar for such a long time, and it was well worth the wait. She was an absolute dream to be around, and it felt like we’d been friends forever! Over a drink, this super talented lady and I spoke about everything hair, weddings and life. Nestled in there might just be a little inspiration for your vows - she’s sure got a way with words!


What is the background behind Graceful Hair Art?

Graceful Hair Art started with me doing a couple of weddings/hairups for some gorgeous friends and I realized that years after leaving hairdressing that this part of the job was something I truly loved. Part of it was also realizing that I really loved being a part of making a beautiful bride's day special so I continued to book weddings and upskill myself.

The name is pretty random and came from a tattoo I thought of getting on my wrist that said “saved by grace”. Although I never got the tattoo, I used the name for my business.


What does a trial with Moni look like?

A trial with me is pretty chilled. I like my brides to feel at ease and because I have a baby sometimes my trials are from home, sometimes at the bride's house. This is where I love to get to know the bride more and we try different styles (usually the first is a winner) and talk about the day and all things life.

I like to be real with my brides and make them feel at ease. My favourite part of this job is getting to know my brides. I love people and being around people so for me that’s where I start.


What is your favourite Canterbury hotspot? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Gosh we live in such a beautiful city!!! It’s honestly so hard to choose because one of the things I love about Christchurch is that there are so many beautiful new and old venues and so many awesome eateries opening that there is always something new to discover.

In my spare time I love to host, cook for friends and sit around a table enjoying one another. I also love hanging with my Husband Liam and my little love Gus and our big families.


If you could get married again, how would you do it?

If I could get married again I don’t think I would do much different. A lovely couple from our church own a beautiful homestead with amazing grounds, although super earthquake damaged in St Martins. We had our ceremony there with hay bails and picnic rugs, followed by a lemonade stand and lolly station. Then we had our reception at Ladbrooks hall in Tai Tapu. We styled it all ourselves which was really fun and I loved organizing all of it.

For us it was important for people to feel relaxed and guests feeling that the kids could run around and make noise which allowed the guests to celebrate with ease.


What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is choosing to love even when it’s hard to love some days. It’s choosing to spend your life growing and learning with the lovely human you have chosen. Marriage is saying that “even when things are hard I will be there for you and support you”. It’s being one another’s biggest fan! A wedding day is just the start of that journey which is really cool. Marriage is pretty great. I’m always committed to growing, learning and forgiving.


What has been the best thing (or best things) to happen to you in the past three years?

  1. GUS!!! Is definitely the coolest kid ever!! And learning how to be parents has been pretty rad.
  2. Being married has been amazing, Liam is an epic husband.
  3. Seeing Graceful Hair Art grow through word of mouth has been pretty awesome and meeting some amazing brides.
  4. Working on the team for Wild Hearts has been a dream.


Who are your hairdressing idols?

Jen Atkin, and Daneka from Beauty and the Bod - she's such a lovely person and I love that she does such beautiful work but also uses her social media platform to inspire and encourage women.


Hair trends this season?

We're going to see lots of loose waves, boho styles continuing on from last season, loose braids and really loose, low buns. LESS IS MORE.


What is your go to style?

HAHA… Well I’ve been really lazy with my own hair recently - mum fluff! But my usual go to is blonde lob. I love wearing it out in a middle part when freshly done. Lately though I wave the front of my hair around my face and have a low bun.


What are the top product and tools you can't live without?

L'Oreal Infinium hair spray, my Cloud Nine wand, and Tangle Teezer are so ideal for those wild manes and for brushing out those sleek Hollywood waves.

I’m beaming from ear to ear being able to welcome you to the Christchurch Weddings Directory, Moni, I cannot wait to see what hair magic you create this coming season!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png