With this book, I thee wed | Introducing Notes from the Heart

Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Captured by Hannah Bird Photography

Notes from the Heart started off with a simple life and of simple sound, she was called Vows and when I think back she was so damn boring! I'm a planner by trade, and by heart so naturally, when I started writing my own vows I was jotting down things at least six months beforehand in a ratty old Warwick 1B8 notebook. Not exactly the way I envisioned keeping some of the most precious thoughts and feelings about my soul mate!

Of course I took to the www and found myself on Etsy gazing at the floods of handmade notebooks labelled with His Vows, Her Vows, Vows, but they were so plain and I just couldn't justify the cost, well really the shipping cost to little old New Zealand for a plain old collection of lined paper from the states that just told me it was for writing my vows on the cover. I mean the idea is genius, but it needed to be taken to the next level.

Combine these two predicaments together, and the idea sparked in my mind - How can I create a beautiful journal for people to write these most treasured thoughts, feelings and moments down about a loved one, and one that can become a keepsake for years to come? One that our children and children's children can pull out of the cupboard and read how their parents or grandparents felt about each other and what their definition of love was? On top of that, what can I do to help a couple, namely a bride, condense all of this down into her one to two minutes spiel declaring her love, promises and commitments to her partner on their wedding day?

If you've gone through this journey before, you will know and understand that it's just not possible to encompass everything you feel for your partner in your vows. Well I mean you could, it would probably just take a very long time! If you're currently stuck in this part of the planning journey, you may be feeling a little lost trying to perfect things, and if you haven't started yet - well most of you told me it was because you felt there was just too much to say, or you just didn't know how to say it. I have listened to you and come up with the perfect companion that is Notes from the Heart.

Notes from the Heart is simple. It's designed for you as a bride, or wife renewing your vows to purchase it for yourself, or hope to be gifted it by a friend or family member! The book is jam-packed with sentence starters, prompts and quotes to give you all the inspiration you need to write about the amazing and not so amazing things, funny quirks and memories about your relationship. Once you have filled it out with all of the goodness capturing the essence of your love, it makes the perfect wedding day gift for your partner and one that will be cherished forever. 

You're writing all this lovey-dovey goodness down and you've filled the book, so the next step is to start condensing things down. I've got you covered on that front with a little guide on writing your vows that ships with each book - and one that's been vetted by CW celebrants to make sure I'm giving you the most accurate advice possible. This guide is totally legit, and again designed to keep the process simple, enjoyable and stress-free for the bride-to-be.


In true Lucy style, this is probably the mother of all introductions! But it's hard to shut me up when I become so invested in something I believe in. Notes from the Heart will truly make the vow-writing process an absolute breeze and I will say it one more time - I cannot wait for it to be in your hot little hands.

Head to the online store to get your own, or stock up on gifts for your engaged friends as soon as you can to enjoy introductory pricing, free shipping (but available worldwide) around New Zealand and for the first 50 orders, sugary treats from the incredible team at Sugar Cube Co.


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