Pre Wedding Journals | How to work your order of events

Captured by  Johanna Macdonald

Captured by Johanna Macdonald

One of my most requested questions is around how to work your order of events, especially when you're wanting to do something out of the traditional 'norm'.

If you want a basic, 'traditional' style order to your day check out this post here. Otherwise, follow on with me as we talk about a few different options you can incorporate into your big day.


The First Look

Believe me when I say your wedding day will literally fly by! Which is why taking a little time alone before the festivities begin can be a great way to reflect on the commitment you are about to make to one another. The first look is becoming more and more popular as an option for couples who want to spend as much time as possible with their guests, as well as take a little breather and can also help reduce the time you require your photographer for if the difference between booking your dream photographer and not is down to what's included in the packages.


Creative Session - The Day After

Another awesome option to consider in the photography department, a creative session can be the perfect answer for the couple who again want to spend as much time with their guests as possible, and what a perfect excuse to wear your dress twice, or get a second number! Chat to your photographer about epic locations close to where you are staying and look to head there the day after your wedding. If you're anything like me, I'd opt to do this in the morning to free up the afternoon for the aftermatch - enough said? But a sunset session would be pretty amazing too!


Switch Things Up

Don't go thinking that you have to do things 'by the book' on your wedding day! Maybe you want to cut the cake at the beginning of your reception or have your first dance as you enter the reception - It will be sure to set the atmosphere for the night!

You could opt for a later ceremony with a cocktail style reception (I'm doing a tonne of these in the upcoming season) which means no formal sit down and can really relax the vibe of the night, or, heck, you could have a sunrise ceremony and breakfast following - The options really are endless! 

If you think lighting may become an issue, your photographer can really help guide you on when the best timings may be as these will change through the course of the year.


Culture, Ritual and Tradition

If you're lucky enough to have special rituals and traditions ingrained in your culture or family do allow plenty of time for these things, and add a buffer timewise just in case.


I do hope that this advice can help you shape your day, however, if you're still feeling stuck don't be afraid to reach out! I'm always here to ask a question or two, or if you want to meet for a coffee and chat more let's tee up a time!


Until next,

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