A Little Christmas Recipe You're Sure to Love


So, I don't know about you but I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet - Aside from snapping up a 2018 diary for myself, but that's work stationery, right?

With only five days to go, you might be starting to feel a little anxious about braving the malls, so I've thought ahead on your behalf, and today have a very special recipe of mine to share with you that adds a nice touch to any gift.


Chocolate Oddfellow Balls

1 x batch makes approx 50-60 balls of goodness.


You'll need:

2 x Packets Chocolate Thins

2 x Packets of Oddfellows (If I make a double batch I'll use three packets total)

1 x Tin Condensed Milk

Dessicated coconut for rolling or melted chocolate for dunking or drizzling (Optional)


Grab your food processor and whizz up your choccy thins until they're quite fine and transfer into a large bowl, a few small chunks won't hurt though!

You can reuse the processor to chop up your Oddfellows, but I like to pop 'em in a bag and smash them up with a rolling pin. Either or, once you're done, throw them in with the biscuit mix.

Pour the condensed milk into your choco-mint mix and combine with clean hands, or gloves.

Roll the mix into balls.

Cover the balls in coconut, dunk or drizzle in melted chocolate, it's entirely up to you!

Package them however you wish, and voila! A gorgeously scrumptious Christmas gift that's sure to be a hot favourite on the request line for years to come.


A thought for Christmas' to come.

It ain't about the gold, frankincense and myrrh, darling.

We get so wrapped up in the act of giving over the silly season, which is awesome - who doesn't love to give! But it can also be so insanely stressful trying to find the perfect gift, especially when things are tight in the finance department. When was the last time we actually reflected on the true meaning of what Christmas means to us? Is it not about spending quality time with out nearest and dearest? Sharing a hearty meal and chatting long into the summer night?

This year, our families made the executive decision to scrap buying amongst us kids. We're giving to our parents, but aside from that are stripping things back to basics and we couldn't be happier!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png