Pre Wedding Journals | Wedding and Event Cover through With You Financial Services

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Imagine, right before your wedding your venue caught fire or there was another kind of natural disaster. It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds - Remember those Earthquakes? The Nelson floods a few years ago? 

Or think about this - You’re in the final countdown leading to your wedding and your Dad (or immediate family member) has a heart attack leaving him hospital-bound; Would you still want to go ahead with the big day? Or wait until a full diagnosis is made and he was on the mend and able to walk you down the aisle?

Maybe your heart is set on an outdoor wedding and a storm comes through. Instead of cancelling or changing to an indoor venue the last minute,  the insurance can help with costs of emergency marquee set up etc to ensure that you can still have your wedding the way you want it, even in the rain.

In a city whose community is separated by two degrees, most of us will at least have heard a story where the power of positive attraction wasn’t enough to stop the worst-case scenario panning out when it came to their wedding or big event and that is where wedding protection through With You Financial Services comes to play a very important part in your special day.

Your wedding is one of the biggest, most expensive days of your life. You won’t think twice about insuring your biggest assets like your home, your contents or your vehicle which can often cost much less than your wedding day - Am I right? So, why wouldn’t you protect something so precious to not only your future but your memory bank when it can cost you as little as $200?

Every WeddingCover package from With You Financial Services has been put together especially with weddings in mind and automatically cover you for $5 million liability should anything go wrong. 

What exactly does it cover, you ask? Here are just a few situations that have cropped up in the past:

  • Accidental injury to someone at your wedding,

  • Property not owned by you getting lost, stolen or damaged and you are found liable to replace it,

  • Your venue cancels on you,

  • Failure of supply by a vendor may entitle you to a refund of your non-refundable deposit.

What happens if your photos turn out to be rubbish, aren’t delivered, or your photographer’s camera gets stolen with the files on it? WeddingCover will fork out for you to recreate those precious moments including elements like hair and makeup that bring it all together.

The scenarios are plenty, but for the full policy document please click HERE, or get in touch with Kim from With You Financial Services to discuss over the phone on or in-person. Just give her a call on 027 308 1406.

Things to note:

  • Your policy must be taken out no earlier than 18 months before the day of the wedding or event and no later than 30 days before your wedding.

  • You will need to keep all receipts, proof of payment and contracts.

  • For full conditions, policy wordings and definitions please refer to policy wording HERE