CW Mood | Napkin styling (trust me, it's a thing)

Napkin styling - Who would have thought it’s an actual thing? If you’ve spoken with me about table setting ideas for any event, it’s highly likely I’ve suggested playing with napkin colours and the way they are laid out on the table #weirdshitigetexcitedabout. Whether your budget is strapped or you just want to make a beautiful setting with maximum impact, here’s a few little mouth-wipe styling ideas I pulled together for you to think about incorporating into your special occasion. Simple, effective - Love it!

That’s the end of my easy reading for your happy humpday, I hope it’s sparked the dreamiest ideas inside your mind and also helped you find some new businesses whose work you can swoon over! Do you like these style blogs? Let me know and I’ll be sure to create more!

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