Hen Party Diaries | Themes to get you some serious brownie points

There is literally no better excuse than a good ol’ fashioned hens partaay to get your girls together and dress up for the occasion, but where on earth do you come up with the theme surrounding the day? Naturally things like activities and your plan for the day/night/weekend will come into play, but let’s throw away the boring old white/black/pink dress fashion and think outside the box - I’m thinking waaay past sailor girls and armed forces here! *SCREAMS Hallelujah* These ideas might even just help you decide what to do for your gorgeous, glowing bride to-be.


Bae Watch

Catering for a beach babe? Then this one is for you.


White Chicks

No, not the movie! Giving the plain old white dress theme a revamp, pair it with denim or leather for a modern twist.


Mean Girls

If there was a theme to top all themes, this throwback to one of the best movies of our childhood could very well be it.


Double Denim, AKA Justin and Britney 2001

I love it, I just love it.


Southern Belles

Be sweet like strawberry wine and dress as country as you feel, from daisy dukes and checkered shirts, to true belle style in cowboy boots and floaty dresses 

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Let your boho/gypsy/summer festival hair down and recreate your own Coachella in the back yard. It's sure to be a fun time!


Healthy Hen

Going hiking, or just cruising for the day? There's nothing like being comfortable! You could invest in matching tees for the team to add a little extra sparkle.


Vintage Tees

The perfectly subtle way to add some matchy-matchy to the bride tribe without going overboard. Get those band tees out and let your hair down.


Beyonce 7/11

Beyonce is QUEEN, end of. You all know the video, and you totally want to be there getting ready with the girls, right?! This is the perfect way to theme an entire hens from lounge wear to town gear.


Flower Crowns

Combining an activity with a theme is a total bonus! You and the party girls can chill out during the day working on your masterpieces, and learn something new in the process.


Housewives of ...

THE excuse to get you and the squad all glammed up!



How's that for a few ideas that aren't your usual? I sure loved doing it, and I hope you're enjoying this mini series. If you'd like me to write more on Hen parties, let me know in the comments below xx


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png
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