Pre Wedding Journals | Creating a more sustainable wedding day with Danni from The Mustard Jumper

Surprisingly, when you think about it, weddings are relatively sustainable occasions. What we’re not hiring and returning, we’re often selling, regifting or reusing the items we no longer need. The ‘Three R’s’ (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) came to mind immediately when I caught up with Danni from The Mustard Jumper recently to talk about the topic and put together some ideas for you to really think about how you can make a step towards a more sustainable wedding day.

One of the first questions I ask my couples once I have got to know them over a coffee or vino (preferred at this time, kidding - any time of the year) is always what their top three vendor priorities are for the day. For us, we wanted to invest in a fab photographer, good food and drink and awesome entertainment. For others, this could be totally different and that’s totally ok! This post is simply to get you thinking and inspire some ideas if you’re wanting to head down a more eco-conscious path.


We can thank our lucky floral stars that Canterbury is such a beautiful region and foraging is plenty all around us - from the neighbours' backyard to the surrounding mountains and riverbeds - and of course the red zone. When researching your vendors, look for a florist who has a flair for using locally sourced flora and forages for a tonne of greenery and whatever else they get their hands on. A number of superstars on the CW directory absolutely walk and talk this approach, check them out HERE.

Post wedding, flowers are the perfect regift and are sure to brighten someone's day! From nursing homes to charities or sitting pretty at your office reception - the list is endless.

If you’re a stickler for memories, work with your florist to have your bouquet dried and framed as a little reminder of your perfect day for years to come. It will look so gorgeous!

Want confetti once it’s all official? Small leaves or tiny little buds make for the best kind of confetti!


Reducing the amount of waste at a wedding is probably one of the easiest things you can do, and you can still do it beautifully with less. Naturally, I so appreciate the finest of details (I mean, hey wedding planner right here!) but I truly believe it’s the one thing guests will be first to forget over the unique moments that made your day, YOUR day. Let’s throw a few ideas out there for you …

Opt to use a menu board for guests to view what’s being served, or have one menu sign per table versus placing menu cards on each plate.

Why don’t you put your wedding invitations and information online - This is actually so perfect if you’re having a destination wedding so guests can view where they’re going at any point and don’t have to worry about losing their paper invitation! Plus, it’s a great option if the purse strings are tightening.

Why don’t you hire or use crockery instead of any kind of disposable plates and cutlery? I totally can’t take credit for this one, Lucy from Bleu Studio is all about it and I am without a doubt waving the same flag now!


I always find favours are the first to go when the budget is getting tight, but they totally don’t have to if you get crafty about the way you go about it. The thing I preach with favours is to give your guests something they are 100% going to have a use for post-wedding.

Re-gift something you are using for the wedding, just like Abby Lee Bonny did HERE. Abby got married just a couple of weeks ago and had a tonne (seriously) of cushions they used as decor for the day and gave one to each guest at the end of the night.

For our big day, we had no favours as such, but put some small brown paper bags next to our dessert station for guests to take sweet treats home for the midnight snack

My sister in law and her partner gave a donation to charity in memory of a loved one passed as opposed to favours which was the most beautiful gesture.

If there’s one thing I remember from every wedding, it’s how good the food is and no matter what the budget can always be done well. When it comes to food, you could look for a caterer who opts to support local growers and farmers wherever possible. Also, think about your guests and the best way to feed them may be. Are plated meals going to be the best way to feed them with just a little left over, or would family style sharing plates or a buffet option work best? You could also talk to your caterers about what happens to any leftovers and see if you could do something in that space.


I was looking at the Japanese art of Furoshiki (wrapping items in fabric) earlier and think it’s just the best gift wrapping idea and something I want to try this Christmas with tea towels around the gifts I give. It means there’s no wrapping paper to be thrown out at all!

If you’re not expecting gifts, I’m totally all for funds towards travel, experiences, art or a luxury item you want to purchase to keep forever (As I say this the oak table I want to be designed comes to mind!) So many couples these days are already set up, they don’t need gifts at all and quite often … don’t be offended … your gifts will end up as re-gifts or worse, hanging out in the couples toilet.

Dressing the Team

Deciding what you and your bridal party wear on your wedding day can often be such a crazy task with differing opinions and body shapes being thrown in the mix, but it can absolutely be made easy when you think about repurposing items!

When it comes to your dress, go in search of picking something gorgeous up second hand - It totally doesn’t have to be from an op-shop if that freaks you out! There’s plenty of online businesses now accommodating pre-loved wedding gowns and why not? They’ve only ever been worn once, or twice if the couple did a creative shoot.

The bridal party is the easy one. Instead of picking what the ladies are going to wear, give them a rough colour palette and let them purchase something they’re going to wear a thousand times over.

Do the lads have white shirts of their own that they could wear? Things like socks and undies as gifts are great - Guys are always going to have a need for them. What about shoes? Most will have a pair of brown and black in their closet to wear.

Before you know it, there are so many ways to bring together a more sustainable wedding day if you put your mind to it. I’d love to hear your ideas and if you put any of this into action!

Again, thank you so much to Danni from The Mustard Jumper for being the best gal to bounce ideas off on the subject. If you haven’t checked her out, you absolutely must. From being the bomb at second-hand shopping to her passions speaking about emotional abuse, sustainability and a more ethical world, she’s the real deal and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for her next year!

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