How to | Order of Events


After another amazing response on my Instagram story last night, the tribe have spoken and here I am bringing the goods this week! Often overlooked until the last minute, the order of events is an absolute necessity when it comes to planning your wedding day. 

I've put together quite a traditional order of events that I see play out during most weddings, and no, they rarely ever run 100% to the dot - it's all part of the fun! Go ahead and use this template as it is, or tweak it to suit what you two are all about.


3.00 PM  Ceremony
3.30 PM  Sip and Graze
6.20 PM Entrance of the Bridal Party
6.30 PM Entree
7.15 PM Speeches
7.45 PM Main Course
8.30 PM Speeches
9.00 PM First Dance
9.30 PM Sweet Treats
10.30 PM Bouquet Toss
11.00 PM onwards, bus pick ups, venue close etc

You may be thinking something along the lines of "THREE HOURS for freaking photos!?" Hand on heart, a rough 90% of the weddings I attend take this long for the bridal party to get their snaps, especially if they are leaving the venue area. If you were to do a first look, you definitely wouldn't need as much time for your photos, same again if your venue provides the best of gods own you may not even need to leave the vicinity - both options giving you precious time back to spend with your friends and family. Try not to worry about your guests, they'll be well 'watered', fed and entertained in your absence!

Allowing 10-15 minutes after the ceremony/congratulations for family photos is also a great move. Give a list to the MC, or a trusted person and have them round everyone up so you can just stand in the middle and let it all unfold, before you and the bridal party head off on your adventure.

Highly recommended, and something we took advantage of was taking off at sunset for a few twilight snaps while our friends and family finished off their dinner - they were so worth it! Even with a vertical hill climb in stiletto heels! It's the best opportunity to take some time alone and 'stand still in time' if you like, taking in the events of the day.


For those of you wondering how to tackle the speech order, ours rolled like this:

Father of the Bride
Father of the Groom

Best Man

*** It's a great move on the MC's part to sprinkle a few congratulations from absent guests throughout the evening.


So make your tweaks, fire it off to the MC and let them create the magic! 

Think this is enough to get you on your merry way? Let me know!


Until next,

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