trent's estate vineyard

trent's estate vineyard


Picture walking through old wooden barn doors in to a lovingly restored brick building, then out into the sunny garden to be greeted with smiles and love from your guests standing in anticipation at the far end of the garden. There are horses in the back paddock and the Victorian water fountain quietly bubbles in the background. Doves flutter around the garden perching in the trees above the metal arches of the vintage gazebo where your soon to be husband and celebrant wait with nervous excitement.

Looking for an all in one venue? If so, then Trent’s is the venue for you. Nestled in the midst of Canterbury farm land and just a short drive from the centre of Christchurch, Trent’s offers an idyllic and private space for you to share with your friends and family on such a momentous day. The 135-year-old building, steeped in history, originated as a chicory barn in the late 1800’s. The venue has been a beloved wedding location from its opening over 20 years ago.

The space offers a charmingly rustic Mediterranean style venue with a beautifully lush green garden hidden at the back of the building. With the ability to seat up to 130 guests comfortably, Trent’s is the perfect space to spend your day. If this sounds like you, give Eloise a call on 021 112 3591 to have a casual chat about what Trent’s can offer.

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