Louise Anderson Bridal Couture

Louise Anderson Bridal Couture


Beginning her fashion career in 1990 Louise Anderson has forged a name amongst discerning brides that are synonymous with timeless beauty.

With a simmering passion for design detailing and exquisite fabrics, Louise Anderson harnesses every woman’s inner goddess, which is artfully articulated in every fold, drape and nuance of each gown. Celebrating truth and beauty found within, the women themselves serve as the ultimate inspiration behind each creation. Timeless design, effortless elegance, quality craftsmanship and innovation encapsulate the essence of a prized Louise Anderson gown.

Solid design practices and fitting techniques honed over 30 years form the foundation of a Louise Anderson gown, which celebrates the feminine form. Louise believes a gown should ‘sculpt’ not just fit and often describes herself as the ‘Trinny and Susanna’ of wedding gowns…. every bride can and should look stunning and it’s always about the finer choices of cut, fit, fabric choice and clever design positioning.

The Brides Process of having a gown created for her is personally guaranteed to be a success by Louise.  She takes each Bride through a careful process of getting acquainted personally and understanding their personal clothing and aesthetic style,  the type of body shape, and how they can be truly enhanced by the cut and fit.

Louise then brings these elements all together in a design to work her magic.  She offers a service from her gorgeous design studio in Tai Tapu which is all about pampering,  unapologetic perfection and having fun. You can relax knowing that you are in the capable hands of a master craftswoman who is focused on the transformational enhancement of every gorgeous woman who walks in her door.

Committed to local enterprise Louise Anderson gowns continue to be designed and hand finished by local craftspeople.  Louise brings a wealth of 30 years experience together with unsurpassed style and commitment to perfection. Having a gown designed for you will leave you feeling pampered, fully expressed in your chosen style and knowing that this stunning creation is one of the most flattering and stylish pieces you will wear in your life.. and what a perfect day for it!

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