hannah duder

hannah duder


Remember that one when Joey got ordained via the internet to marry Monica and Chandler.... well I have decided to do the same so I can marry my friends and anyone else out there looking for a young fun celebrant. I am open to all couples of any shape or size! 

I am all for the wedding day being exactly what the couple envisage, and I will do whatever I can to make the ceremony run smoothly, be special and represent the couple. 

I am happy to be there for the entire wedding and do any odd jobs that come up. For example; finding lost guests, calling out the photo order, reading out a speech when someone gets stage fright, coordinating with the vendors, or running to the shop to get a snack for the bride.

I am happy to travel and I won't wear a silly hat or talk about myself for ages. I am also happy to do a double act as a celebrant and MC,  if you aren't convinced creepy Uncle Jim would do a good job.

I am flexible in how we work together, normally I would have a least one meeting with the couple a few months out from the wedding. This is to make sure I am a good fit, hear your story and get the rundown of the big day plans. I can help you with the legal stuff, coordinate the rehearsal and run the ceremony of course.

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