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The Prinsep's

Lucy’s efforts in the lead up to our wedding were great - Obviously the fact that the entire wedding was a prize was fantastic, but we found that her lenience of choosing whether or not we wanted to go with a certain vendor was incredible. We felt involved in the decision making process and her acceptance of any ideas we had was awesome! 

I really, highly suggest booking Lucy for your wedding day, If you can’t afford or justify the lead up, definitely get her on the day, we can’t even imagine doing it without her! What a mess I would have been! Knowing what I know now, were way too many things to think about and she took care of it all! Right down to logistics like arriving at the reception less than an hour after the ceremony ending, and details like items shifting locations without anyone noticing!

Although in the lead up you don’t see much going on when you have the services of a wedding planner, on the day it is more than apparent. It was mind blowing arriving and seeing all of your dreams come true right in front of you. 

Jen Collett - Little Slumbers Christchurch

Lucy helped as an assistant to a photo shoot I was organizing for the launch of a new product of mine. One thing that really stood out for me was her initiative, although given guidelines on what we had planned, Lucy stood back and watched then got to work on any behind the scenes things that needed to be done. She was so helpful and proactive and helped make the day run so smoothly.

Lucy also wrote a blog post about my new Bridal Slumbers after interviewing me. She was well prepared and my blog post was up in no time, I really couldn't fault a thing. I am so pleased to be a part of the CW directory now.

I would honestly thoroughly recommend her to anyone, from professionalism right through to the awesome vibe she has about her, you seriously won't go wrong.

Sarah Clements - Sarah Clements Photography

Before Christchurch Weddings existed I had many times thought about the need for a collective place to showcase the talent that exists in Christchurch. When Lucy appeared I knew she was the perfect person to bring together the best in the industry.

She has an eye for creatives who not only are great at what they do, but passionate about providing incredible experiences for their clients. When I became a directory member, the traffic on my website increased and within an hour of her first posting a link to my work - a booking!

A Christchurch Weddings bride is one with style and fun and I hope to be associated with CW for years to come. It's such a refreshing group of creatives and I personally love each and every vendor in the directory - they are all the best.

With love, Sarah
Sarah Clements Photography
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