The Rastrick's

We had our amazing wedding day on Saturday March 23rd 2019. After much deliberation I made the decision to meet with Lucy about coordinating our wedding day just 3 weeks out from the big day. All of the vendors were booked and most larger details were organised, but I was starting to feel nervous about how the day would run and who would juggle the on the day jobs that needed doing and anything extra that might pop up. I am a fairly organised and calm person in general, but by the time the wedding was that close I was just so OVER making decisions and I felt immense pressure to make sure everything was done well.

I can honestly say that making the decision to bring Lucy on board was one of the best decisions I made! Having Lucy as a part of the team lifted such a huge weight from my shoulders. She immediately whipped into shape any loose ends that I hadn’t sorted and I was able to ask her one million questions about small details that were still very important in the day running smoothly. Lucy created the most epic run sheet that meant that every single person/vendor involved knew exactly where they needed to be at what time. She also attended site visits with me so that we could coordinate all the details with the venue, and Lucy also ran the rehearsal with the celebrant - There was not a single element of the wedding day that she did not have a handle on! It was such a relief! Anytime someone asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to, it was so great to just be able to say “Oh wait, I’ll ask Lucy”. It was absolutely amazing to feel like I had someone on my team, who knew exactly what we wanted, and would be there on the day to make sure that our dreams came true. This meant that I was able to wake up on the day of the wedding and be completely present and just enjoy each and every moment and take it all in! Of course I had never been married before and so having a wedding professional to give you advice about every detail is absolutely invaluable.

If you’re in the planning stages of your wedding - Lucy’s knowledge of Christchurch vendors will be incredibly valuable to you. She not only has a huge directory of tried and tested vendors, but she knows them all well and has excellent relationships with them. To top off Lucy’s incredible skill set, she is also extremely professional, passionate and a super fun and lovely person and was an absolute pleasure to have around on our wedding day!

I am not sure if this testimony really does justice to what Lucy brings to your wedding day, as I am sure that there are many behind the scenes elements that I’ve brushed over or not even realised she did! She is that efficient! I can not recommend Lucy enough. Thank you so much Lucy for being a part of our dream day, it wouldn’t of been the same without you!

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