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Real Wedding | Candice + Tom

It was ladies night at the high school old boys club rooms and my sister had taken me along to meet someone. Long story short, it didn’t go as planned! Tom was a bachelor ‘for sale’ and he was auctioned off to a rather boozed lady who ended up not seeing the night out - which meant Tom was free!

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Real Wedding | Jess + Ryan

Ryan and I met in my home town of Brisbane. He was over on a work trip planting trees in North Queensland, and just so happened to know my cousin - who lived with us. Shortly after his arrival, Ryan made the move to live with my family and one night we got talking after I came home from a party. We totally hit it off, and the rest was pretty much history - but not before Ryan asked my dad if it was ok to date me! A year later I made the move with Ryan to his hometown, Christchurch.

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