About lucy

Hello, I’m Lucy – Your modern day Tinderella and now, proud Wife to my number one.

I’m a born and bred Cantabrian who is in love with love, and in love with a beautiful life. Married to my soul mate, we have the most special little girl, Josie, and two beautiful Labradors who are making a career for themselves as escape artists! Together we live life in the fast lane - and love every moment of it!

There are so many wedding blogs out there these days, but nothing specifically targeted towards couples marrying in Canterbury. We can be so isolated in New Zealand, let alone on our tiny island and I’ve seen the gap in the market that needs a little TLC. I have put my heart and soul into Christchurch Weddings, and it is my way of providing you with inspiration, information and a directory for you to use like a bible as you build the foundations to your dream day. Every recommendation comes with my seal of approval, and no matter what the budget there is something for you all to create the day of your dreams and one that is true to you in every single way.

Want to get in touch to advertise, collaborate and start a magical relationship? Looking for some advice or to give me some, share some positive vibes or request a post? I would love to hear from you! You can find me and reach out via Facebook and Instagram @christchurchweddings, or email me at hello@christchurchweddings.co