berry beauty and co

berry beauty and co


Your Wedding day will be one of the most precious moments that you will treasure, and the photographs will last your entire lifetime. So, you will want to make sure that when you look at those photos in 20 years time you will still remember how amazing you looked and felt on that day. My job is to make sure that happens. I am here to create that look you have dreamed about in your sleep leading up to your big day.

I have a one bridal client per day policy! So you won’t have to worry about my scheduling conflicts, and you will have my complete undivided attention on your big day!

To make the decision easier for you, I have listed some Frequently asked questions when it comes to your big day, and how choosing the right makeup artist for you is critical. 

I offer a boutique service that will be fit for any brides vision. 

I also promise;

  • I am never late

  • I will never rush or make you feel rushed

  • I’m unflappable

  • I’m a perfectionist

  • I love to have a laugh

  • I will make you feel special

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