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The New Kid on the Block | Gather and You

If there’s one thing I love about our city coming back to life, it’s the fact everything is spread out just that little bit further. The cool kids will tell you going out to small towns framing Christchurch for the day is all the rage and one of those special little places is Rangiora.

Cue. Gather and You.

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Hen Party Diaries | Stuck on Ideas? Here's a few that aren't the usual

Don’t sigh just yet, you strong, independent bride squad!

Yes, most hens aren’t complete without a pretend fireman busting his way into the room to put out the fire you and your friends are totally dying in - But for the modest bride, or someone who’s just into having a good time with her friends, here’s a few seeds to plant, that, let’s face it - don’t involve a substandard stripper rubbing his nuts all up in your girls grill.

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Top Tips to Keep Your Wedding Vendors Happy

You know how people joke about a waiter spitting on their food if you're a total pain in the ass? Or how you'll always make an effort to go the extra mile for people who are kind to you? Well take those ideas, nestle them in your pretty wedding planning brain and soak in these tips to keeping your team of wedding superstars happy throughout the planning period.

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Welcome to the Directory - Mandy | Champs-Elyseés Day Spa

When your work place is this beautiful, I'd jump out of bed everyday! For Mandy Pickering, Marketing Manager of Champs Elyseés Day Spa, walking into this gorgeously restored Christchurch building is an every day reality, and we sat down for a spot of tea to talk all about it.

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Welcome to the Directory | Opal and Grant - Partridge Jewellers

I'm sure I won't be alone in saying that prior to my initial visit to Partridge Jewellers, I genuinely believed the store was for the rich - well, richer than me anyway! That was until I was greeted by Opal from Christchurch's CBD store, and sat down with her to talk about her role within the family business.

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