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If you know me, you know I’m absolutely platter mad, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across the new kids on the block, Brittany and Sally from Bespoke Platters - and got them on board the Christchurch Weddings directory. I was lucky enough to share a wine with Brittany and Sally on a beautiful Canterbury winters day to talk about their moreish venture, here is what they had to say:


How did you read my mind and come up with this genius plan to bring platters to Christchurch?

Brittany: I had a friend in Taranaki and she had a huge platter made for the day after function following her wedding day. I just kept thinking that we must be able to do something like that in Christchurch and spoke about it for what seems forever with Sally, until one day we just decided to go for it! We put everything together in a matter of days, and launched within the week.


How did “Bespoke” come about?

Sally: My partner actually came up with the name Bespoke, and we immediately fell in love. It just fitted so perfectly. Custom made, local produce - and by local, we don’t just mean from the local supermarket! Bespoke - It’s what we are all about.


How long did it take you to find the perfect suppliers to represent Bespoke?

Sally: I had a stall selling Christmas cake at the Riccarton Market, so I knew a lot of fabulous local suppliers and just went from there. It didn’t take us long at all really!


What school did you go to? (Note: find out if your interviewee is from Christchurch before asking this one)

Brittany: We’ve been asked this so much by people here! We’re not from Christchurch. I’m from Taranaki.

Sally: I’m from Masterton and came down for university.


What is your favourite thing to do around Canterbury?

Brittany: Take my dog for a run along the beach, and my son - better not forget him!

Sally: I love biking and running around the Port Hills, looking at the city below is so nice.


When you’re not busy putting together edible masterpieces, what do you do?

Brittany: I’m a real estate PA, and a mother.

Sally: I’m a geologist, basically I sift through dirt all day!


What would your best advice be for couples thinking about Wedding catering?

Brittany: Be cost efficient and order a platter ** wink wink ** There’s always something for everyone!


Can you give the amateur platter chef any pointers?

Brittany: Keep it local, and persist - your eye gets better every time. We look at some of the first platters we did and wonder how on earth we presented them to the public!


It is such a pleasure watching these two ladies build their empire, and cannot wait for my excuse to bring them on board my next event. Birthdays, baby showers, work events, hens parties, engagements, weddings and post-wedding functions - Brittany and Sally can do it all!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png