Pre Wedding Journals | Including loved ones passed in your wedding day

Captured by    Williams Photography

The old case of the leaky-eye is set to make an appearance at most wedding days, especially as loved ones passed are remembered.

Today I wanted to give you some ideas that go past a lit candle and allow you to fully embrace those you care so deeply about that couldn’t make it to your day.

  1. Set a chair aside at the ceremony. You could also do this at the reception too so that the person or people you’re missing are always there.

  2. Accompany an empty chair with a framed photo or memento of a loved one, something that allows people to remember them living their happiest life.

  3. You could release a butterfly or a dove.

  4. Enjoy a favourite drink and/or a toast in their honour.

  5. Place charms with their photo, or special mementoes of theirs in your bouquet.

  6. Dance to their wedding song, or incorporate a favourite song of theirs into your day.

  7. Speak the vows they made to their partner if they fully resonate with you.

  8. Place a favourite flower of theirs into your wedding florals.

  9. If they were a funny lad or lass you could incorporate some of their funny remarks into your signage.

  10. Wear a piece of their jewellery, or place a snapshot of their memory, some of their ashes, or a piece of their handwriting inside a Love in a Jewel pendant.

  11. Did they have a favourite dessert or dish that you adored? Bring it to your wedding menu!

  12. Instead of a registry, or favours, make a donation to a charity they had ties to.

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