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With a brand spanking refresh to her directory listing (you can check it out HERE), it was time we put the incredible Tegan Clark of <insert name here> photography in the hot seat and got to know her a bit better. These interviews are one of my favourite things to do with any vendor that you are likely to spend a massive chunk of your wedding day with and at the top of those lists are always photographers! So, without further ado, here is a little insight into Tegan and how she spins!


Tell me about your background, and/or how did photography become your day job?

I've been photographing weddings for around 10 years. Really, ever since I showed up at my friend's wedding and was told "You're the photographer here today!"


What is the image you most look forward to capturing at a wedding?

Just after the couple have signed the register they get the first moment alone together while the others are signing.  It's often the sweetest and most real moment of the day.


Do you have a favourite photographer? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love Peggy Sirota, and Kirsten Lewis. Two totally different styles but so amazing. I can't say where I get my inspiration from really - Everything around us has the ability to spark it.


What else do you like to capture aside from weddings?

I also shoot newborns and families which is wonderful as I get to see a wedding couple again and again as they begin a new adventure and add more members to their family.


Got a party trick up your sleeve?

Only that I'm a bit of a dork and I don't mind people laughing at me, which is great when you are trying to get people to relax! Oh, and music - I love to play music while we are shooting.


What's the best photography trick (or piece of advice) you've been given to date?

Shoot what you love. I turn down jobs that don't inspire me and I'd never make it as a product or landscape photographer! If I'm not shooting people, I'm not interested.


To buy the album, or not to buy the album?

Album all the way! All of my packages except my elopement one come with a kick-ass album.


What would the first encounter with Tegan shape up to look like for a couple-to-be?

Coffee or wine and chatting about their day and their lives.


Where is your favourite spot in Canterbury?

Probably the Port Hills. But I also love Castle Hill.


You’re based in Ashburton, what’s your favourite thing to do around town?

HAHAHA. There isn't much to do here, but there are some good walks around 45 minutes away and I love running. My balance is rubbish so I never got into skiing. If anyone wants to bring a bowling alley or mini golf here we'd be over the moon!


What have you got to say to couples who are nervous about getting in front of the camera on their wedding day?

Everybody is nervous, so it really isn't just you! It can be daunting showing vulnerability like that and I totally get it. I'd recommend an engagement session. It helps you to realise it isn't such a scary thing and can actually be quite fun!


Aside from photography, what is something else you are passionate about/your hobbies?

Well aside from my children who are my world, I'd say food (eating not cooking), running, music and currently Game of Thrones!


What does your dream wedding look like?

A couple who own their style and who know how to have fun. Cloud during the ceremony, full sun for sunset images and then rain for night time rain shots.

Well, there you have it! Just a little snippet of what a cool chick Tegan is. If you like what you hear, and you’re looking for a wedding photographer don’t be a stranger and send your enquiry her way - You won’t regret it!