Cocktail Hour with Cocktail Mail | Sparkling Sangria

Those warm, balmy nights are literally just around the corner and what better way to toast the season with a little bit of Sangria! Today on the blog, I’ve partnered with one of our favourites Cocktail Mail to bring you a concoction you can try for yourself at home.


Sparkling Sangria.  (Makes 2)

100ml Sparkling Wine Brut is fine or Prosecco for something a little softer.

100ml Soda Water

20ml lime juice

20ml Simple Syrup

Generous stem of mint


You can add 60 ml Vodka, Gin or Rum to bump things up a notch if you wish - I know I will be!

Fill your vessel with ice, add all other ingredients, stir and enjoy.

Cocktail Mail is such a cool little business, sourcing the best syrups, spirits and liquids and curating them into kits or bottles which, get this - Are delivered right to your door! Most of the time all that is required to get the party started is your glassware, some garnish, ice, a little soda water and some basic cocktail equipment.

Cocktail bottles are designed to be drunk straight from the vessel, or you can pour into a glass and serve over ice.

Cocktail kits (my personal favourite) give you the reigns to make the drinks yourself and there’s a couple of great options. The party kits are designed to make 20-30 drinks from the spirits and contents in the box you receive, whereas the collectors kit allows you to make 4-8 yummy drinks and then play around with what’s left over. Every kit comes with a recipe and variations, and mixers and equipment are available to purchase direct from the website.

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