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Captured by Focus Photography

Captured by Focus Photography

If there's a makeup artist in the region who stands out as a total go getter, Katie is your lady! I was fortunate enough to spend Sunday with Katie and a team of CW favourites putting together her makeup look book and had the opportunity to get to know her, and the story behind the accent a little better.


What brought you to NZ?

Well, long story short it was a whirlwind romance, adventure, the unknown and my Grandad. New Zealand has always intrigued me, it has a special place in my family history and within a matter of months I impulsively took the decision to pack my whole life into one suitcase and follow my heart. Although not everything went according to plan, I have always called New Zealand my home. I will never leave, especially now I have found my kiwi love! 


How did you come to get into Makeup?

About 10 years ago I was trained by Elizabeth Arden in London and worked as a counter girl. I did a little bit of freelance, but being fresh out of college I wasn't entirely sure which direction I wanted to go, so I dabbled in a few things around the beauty industry. I have been in and out of Makeup for the last ten years and took the plunge one wintery night in my cottage in the mountain to have one more go of it - I am so glad i did pursue this passion/hobby of mine. I have always been artistic and creative and absolutely LOVE empowering women, making them feel and look beautiful. 


Describe your makeup style?

Natural, with a touch of sparkle. I absolutely love natural makeup looks, but I also really enjoy getting creative, especially with eye makeup. 


Trends you’re seeing?

Definitely seeing the autumn colours starting to appear with lots of requests for browns and golden shades and a lot of dark lip colours. I also see a lot of creative makeup looks (maybe inspired by the world of youtube?), not your usual mainstream styles which I love. 


Favourite look?

That's a hard one because there are so many that I love! Khloe Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, Bella Hadid (to die for). I would have to say favourite look has to be a classic red lipstick with popping eyes and a soft blush and dewy is so beautiful. Although I'm always in love with a natural nude lipstick and classic smokey eyes. 


Your favorite wedding moment?

My favourite wedding moment would have to be when I have had the pleasure of being at my client's ceremonies and seeing their Fiance's face when they see their bride for the first time. It's such a precious and intimate moment and it always touches a soft spot for me. I am a real romantic at heart!


Talk to us about the experience of someone booking with you?

Well, I have tried to automate the 'booking' experience for speedy turnaround times and reassurance as much as possible. 

I always aim for a premier experience, also adding a touch of calmness and collectiveness to my appointments. Getting your makeup done for the first time can be nerve-racking, and even more so for your wedding day. I also like to build relationships with all of my clients and have ended up becoming good friends with some of my clients which is so great knowing that they fully trust me and my expertise.


Is there a difference between bridal in the UK and bridal here?

I think the fashion industry in the UK is very different to New Zealand, and girls aren't afraid of eye liner, bold lips and bold brows. I have had a couple of bridal clients in New Zealand who are originally from the UK and they have naturally drifted towards a more bolder look and aren't afraid of a touch of glamour to finish off their look. I think New Zealand brides are a little more conservative with their makeup, but both always look stunning. I think it's totally personal preference. 


What do you get up to in your spare time?

Gosh, What don't I get up to would be an easier question to ask! Well, my partner is actually a Bee Keeper, and in our spare minutes we are making Beeswax candles, and wedding favours which are hitting the market very soon! So, we are both entrepreneurial and are busy driving our little ventures forward any chance we get. We also live in a 4000 Hectare Station, Mount Somers. I am so privileged to live in such a beautiful area and any chance I get to go hiking I take it. 


Favourite Canterbury hotspot?

I have such a huge list of favourite spots in Christchurch! Washpen Falls. That place. Argh. just awesome. Also Mt. Somers and Rakaia Gorge. Definitely good for the soul. 


Best product any bride to be can invest in?

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. I ALWAYS recommend my brides get months worth before the big day as it does magical things to the skin and makes for a beautifully moisturised and toned canvas. A little on the pricey side but its honestly, probably the most awesome product I have come across in my 10 years in the industry. It can be purchased at Mecca Cosmetica :). 


The best part about Makeup for you?

Empowering women and making them feel confident and beautiful has to be the best feeling in the world. So, SO fulfilling. 


Top three products in your beauty bag?

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - UNBELIEVABLE 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel 

Kevin Aucoin Mascara - The best mascara I have purchased in the last 12 months- It's just amazing. 


The one product you can’t live without?

My Rae Morris Kabuki Brush. 


You can find Katie on the Directory under Hair and Makeup, and be sure to keep an eye out on CW socials over the coming weeks for releases of the looks from her shoot - We did some pretty cool things!


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