The New Kid on the Block | Gather and You

If there’s one thing I love about our city coming back to life, it’s the fact everything is spread out just that little bit further. The cool kids will tell you going out to small towns framing Christchurch for the day is all the rage and one of those special little places is Rangiora.

Cue. Gather and You.

This little gem close to the heart of Rangiora is quite literally the ultimate gift shop for any occasion, weddings, babies, birthdays, you name it - They have got something for you to hand over your dollars and you will not be mad about it. Not one bit!

It’s an absolute must stop on the growing list of gorgeous gift and knick knack-y stores around the thriving semi-rural town and I’m about to let you in on a little secret... It’s not just a gift shop.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Gather and You has a little side hustle operating as an advice hub for you to gather (see what I did there?) information and inspiration for any event. Whether you’re after styling ideas, want to see vendor work in action and get an idea of the look and feel of certain products or if you would like to take advantage of their free consults and be put in touch with the right vendors for the job, Gather and You is the perfect place to start. You can even find Notes from the Heart gracing its shelves!

Gather and You have an in-store event guide book in early 2019 for you to browse through and read about some of the best vendors around New Zealand who service Canterbury, including a tonne of CW favourites, making that all-important selection process a little easier as you get a feel for what each vendor is about and whether their style and/or approach suits you.

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re not following Gather and You on Facebook, you better get there quick! The incredible space also offers a fabulous venue for local workshops and events from Yoga to wreath making - Many perfect activities to kick off a hen party or pre-wedding bridal party date night I should add!

So, why don’t you grab your partner, your girls or your mama and take a Sunday (or any day) drive out to Rangiora and check this incredible little space out. I promise it is worth it!

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Images captured by Emily Hugo.