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She’s witty, fun and just makes the whole process of putting together the first dance so enjoyable. Carrie from Latin Addiction is one of those special people you meet who are so down to earth and have a crazy passion for what they do. Nick and I took lessons for about six weeks; She turned him from a man whose best move was a drunk twerk to semi-pro, and sure taught my ex-dancing ass a thing or two. We just loved every minute of it and cannot recommend her enough!


What do you love most about the first dance?

It is an incredibly special moment between a couple who have just made a huge commitment to each other and an opportunity to put their personality into the wedding reception.


Tell us about your dance background?

I have been dancing all my life, starting out with Ballet classes, then adding Tap, Jazz. Modern, Disco and Rock 'n' Roll. I spent several years competing in the UK in Ballroom and Disco then after I came to NZ I turned to the latin dance scene learning Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Cha Cha.


How did Latin Addiction come to be?  

I met my partner at a dance class and we ended up dancing and teaching together for another studio. We felt there was a gap in the Christchurch Latin dance scene for a new studio so we decided to take the plunge and open Latin Addiction. That was on Feb 21st 2011.


Favourite Canterbury Hotspot?

Argh! Too many to choose from - I love the Port Hills! but I also love to escape to Hanmer (who doesn't?). Whenever I go there I have a bit of a ritual; stop for a coffee on the way, spot of shopping first, some lunch, then of course hot pools (sometimes a treatment) and then finish the trip off with a glass of bubbles and a snack at the Heritage!


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The most important thing for me is to really feel the music, understand its story and weave the personalities of the couple into the choreography. I get inspiration from different dancers and dance styles and really enjoy mixing different genres together to create something new and within the capabilities of the couple. Once I'm in the moment, in the song, that's when the ideas just flow for me.


Have you got a dance idol?

I have many - "Anne Legge" was my first ballroom & disco dance teacher when I was 6, she taught me so much.

Michael Jackson - was a dance genius. He was such an incredibly creative dancer with a passion for technique. He was so dedicated to his art, I love watching his documentary for his last tour - amazing stamina and nothing less than perfection was good enough.

I also LOVE Parris Goebel! A clever, clever lady - great choreography, sees movements way before they happen. So impressive to watch her big teams take the stage and of course it's fabulous to have a kiwi making the big time in dancing!


If you had to dance one style for the rest of your life, what would it be?

NOOO - That's such a tough question! My mood takes me to different dance styles all the time!

To choose only one - I would have to pick Cha Cha... It can be so many things. Dark & mysterious, fun & flirty, fast, slow, sensual and funky!


What other wedding related events can you cater for?

We do Hen & Stag parties, Bridal party choreographies, and Father/Bride dances.


I couldn't think of a better dance teacher to have on board this directory, so thank you Carrie - and a thousand times, WELCOME!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png