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I'm sure I won't be alone in saying that prior to my initial visit to Partridge Jewellers, I genuinely believed the store was for the rich - well, richer than me anyway! That was until I was greeted by Opal from Christchurch's CBD store, and sat down with her to talk about her role within the family business. A testament to his work, we were lucky enough to have owner and director Grant Partridge contribute to this interview - Thank you, Grant.


Tell us a little about the history of Partridge Jewellers?

Partridge Jewellers is a family business of six generations, and what I love the most is that the family are so heavily involved, and genuinely engaged in so many aspects of what we do, i.e; daughter and designer Nikki Partridge created the Dreamcatcher collection, the Halo collection and other bespoke pieces throughout our stores. Grant Partridge, current owner and director of the business, works very closely with customers and staff, creating a close knit team environment wherever you go and specialised service.


What is a common misconception people have about Partridge Jewellers?

That it’s only for the bottomless wallets! That’s why we introduced The Engagement Room, to show that we do cater to suit all needs, whether your budget is $2000 or $200,000, if you’re after something off the shelf or a bespoke, custom piece - there are options for all.


What is your favourite Canterbury hotspot?

My favourite Canterbury hotspot is a hard one, as I am usually here at the showroom! If not, I’ll be at home doing renovations as most do with their first home, or visiting many of the new bars popping up throughout Christchurch with good friends. When it comes to a local holiday, even though it isn’t Canterbury… I love going to Queenstown at least once a year. Whether it is for a birthday or just a road trip we love it.


 How did you get into the Jewellery industry?

I found myself in the jewellery industry by pure chance after working in several jewellers from around the age of 18. I had a goal for myself to eventually work for New Zealand’s premier jeweller, Partridge Jewellers. At the time, they were only advertising for a senior position but I thought I would give it a go. After meeting with the team in Christchurch and Grant, I was lucky to be chosen. A lot of people say it was meant to be given my name!


If you had to pick a favourite gem, what would it be?

There are so many gemstones that I absolutely love, so it really is hard to pick. At the moment, my favourite is Morganite due to the beautiful champagne, peachy, blush hues. It really compliments my skin tone and also my love for Rose Gold jewellery. It is also quite affordable for its size as it is usually cut into large faceted stones to accentuate the colour. After that, I cannot deny the love of diamonds. Diamonds come in so many incredible various forms that cater to everyone’s tastes.


 What advice would you give to someone buying their partners engagement ring?

There are so many pieces of advice that I think could help people. It is always great to be an educated buyer. The staff at Partridge Jewellers all have (at least) a GIA applied jewellers diploma so we understand diamonds and gemstones quite thoroughly. If you wish to have some diamond knowledge before buying, I highly recommend checking out the GIA website (www.gia.edu) to help you along your way. Some other advice would be to follow your emotions. As important as diamond factors can be, it really comes down to how this ring makes you feel. If it is giving you an excited, romantic feeling, then that’s the one.


 What do Partridge Jewellers pride themselves on?

At Partridge Jewellers we pride ourselves on being one of the longest established family companies in New Zealand, spanning six generations. We have one of the largest ranges of diamond and gemstone jewellery, and fine Swiss-made watches all competitively priced for our local and international customers. This all aids to our international luxury shopping experience that you will find throughout our showrooms. We are also glad to be able to bring a bespoke service to all clients, no matter the budget.  


What’s on the cards for Partridge Jewellers in the future?

The future is bright and exciting for Partridge Jewellers throughout New Zealand. Under Grant Partridges’ ownership, the company has been expanding rapidly over the years therefore he is happy to announce that another brand new showroom will be arriving to New Zealand via our Auckland International Airport store.  

Partridge Jewellers are also in the process of creating and launching new designs including Asscher cut diamonds and Ashoka diamond collections, creating more marvellous pieces for our clients. As you may know, we are the only Ashoka Diamond Atelier in all of Australasia making these a beautiful and rare find indeed.

Something particularly special for our Canterbury brides out there, Partridge Jewellers will be launching an Engagement Room concierge service. The proposal has big expectations in modern day love. No longer is it just a simple 'will you marry me' with a ring. It's the whole journey and experience. The Engagement Concierge provides a private service for males or females to curate their proposal and engagement moments, partnering with venue, vehicle, and travel brands.


Next time you're in town, why don't you pop along and say hello to Opal and the team, and don't forget to take a look inside The Engagement Room - it's truly something special.


Until next,

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