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Captured by    Charlotte Sowman

Captured by Charlotte Sowman

Chloe from Balencia Lane runs full steam ahead, as you’re about to find out. People are her passion, and it sure shows! I couldn't help but be drawn into conversation with her as we sipped on coffee at one of our favourite local cafes, Unknown Chapter.


Tell us about your background? And how Balencia Lane came to be yours?

I have always been a 'worker' and someone who loved to do a LOT of things all at once. While still in high school I used to juggle three different part time jobs, go to school, ride horses and compete nationally in athletics! I continued this trend while at university and started managing in retail, bartending and waitressing. I then pursued fashion for a year post university until the earthquakes hit Christchurch and I was sadly made redundant and temporarily homeless for a stretch too! This was a bit of a turning point for me and I ended up working in the insurance industry and then eventually fell into a construction office role. Funnily enough this is where I grew and started to develop my ever present passion for planning events. At any opportunity I would take charge, plan, run and style events within these two industries. I decided to build on my experience and passion by studying public relations and events management part time and then founded my first business while still working full time. As with all businesses that start from scratch it took several years to see any real results but it was one of the most rewarding times with every tiny little step meaning so much more to me. When the opportunity to purchase Balencia Lane arose, it was one of those moments in life where you just know you have to give it your best shot, 110%, or regret the 'what if' for the rest of your life. So I combined the two businesses together and now here I am! I feel extremely honoured and excited to own and run Balencia Lane and can't wait for what’s to come!


I’ve seen you with a few different hair colours now, what’s your favourite?

Haha, I love to change it up and have fun with my hair! You only live once right! I'm not sure I have a favourite, I'm normally blonde which I do love but recently I've enjoyed being pastel purple. My hair stylist is extremely fun and creative so we always have a blast dreaming up colours. We actually have plans to go aqua blue before the end of the year!


In your crystal ball, what can you see trending this season?

I can see a huge emphasis on florals this season, especially that of dried flowers becoming a popular trend. Lots of greenery, wild undone styles, linen, rose gold anything/everything, food platters, food trucks, dessert bars, boho vibes and a continued movement away from the traditional and 'perfect' into a more modern industrial style. Lots of lights are still very popular! I also see elopements and destination weddings becoming more and more common.


What’s your favourite item in your inventory?

Hmm that's a hard one, but I have to say my natural cane peacock chair is a wee bit special! She has somehow made her way into my office and I'm not sure I want her to leave, for awhile yet anyway!


Can you let on about anything in the pipeline for Balencia Lane?

I am a few exciting plans in the pipeline, some of which will be an eventual blog and Balencia Lane re-launch party.


Describe your style?

Personally my style is a little out there, bright, colourful and sometimes very sparkly.

Professionally I adore textures, romantic and deep tones, wild florals, mood lighting, a mix of classical and modern and currently I'm loving everything beach/bohemian.

I also believe that 'style' can be transient and ever-changing depending on trends, moods and external influences. However it is important to have a 'sense of style' that you carry around with you 24/7 and to soak up inspiration everyone you go!


You really provide a full package when it comes to the wedding day, what’s the advantage of that?

I feel it's handy for brides to have plenty of options when it comes to their big day. Depending on how much they can or wish to do themselves, I can either step in close to the big day to tie all the pieces together and ensure the day runs smoothly or be there from the very beginning, putting all of the plans and beautiful pieces together bit by bit working with them through the entire process or 'wedding  journey'. I love getting to know brides and establishing amazing working relationships with my clients! People are first and foremost my passion.


Have you got any favourite stylists you follow religiously?

Oh so many... Religiously I follow Sue Blue Events - Manda Worthington especially. But I follow One Stylish Day UK, The Style Co, The Grove Styling, The Events Co and a large number of other event designers based in Australia and worldwide. It would be too hard to list them all! I love getting lost on Instagram and Pinterest and also love following home decor and fashion trends closely too.


Christchurch question, do I even need to finish this sentence?

Hehe, I'm not really sure if this is worthy of mention as I didn't actually go to school in Christchurch! But I grew up in a friendly little rural farming community called Leeston and went to Ellesmere College. I had the best childhood, riding horses, running wild on the farm and getting up to mischief all over the district with friends once we were old enough to get our hands on learner driver licences!  


Favourite Canterbury Hotspot? Or what do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a lot of favourite hotspots in Canterbury, Akaroa is a favourite, we got married there! For me, anywhere I can get out into the sunshine and enjoy a view is a hotspot! Beaches, mountains, hill tops...

In my spare time I especially love hosting, surrounding myself with happy and inspiring people, making platters and enjoying a wine. I'm a very social person by nature and love spending quality time with friends and out on the farm with my family. I'm obsessed with delicious food and finding amazing brunch spots and new eateries. My husband and I love getting out together for long hill walks or day trips with our wee dog, playing tennis, catching up on new series or tucking into a good book. I also love to draw and paint, something I must actually make more time for! Music festivals, concerts, comedy shows and of course shopping are all favourites too!

I believe creating a healthy balance in your life is the key to happiness! Something I am always striving to achieve.


If you could get married again, how would you do it?

If I had my time again... I would definitely marry the same man! But seriously, I actually felt extremely blessed that we were able to incorporate absolutely everything we dreamt of into our wedding day. It would just be small little things I would change now. Probably one thing we should've done was stay somewhere really special on the wedding night rather than at our venue, so I would definitely change that! We've only been married for two and a half years now, but perhaps ask me again in a few years time and I'm sure I'll have a better answer!

Chloe produces the most amazing work and I am so thrilled to have Balencia Lane on board the Christchurch Weddings directory. You can check out the Balencia Lane listing here, and be sure to watch this space for some VERY exciting things coming to your computer screen soon!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png