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You couldn’t possibly go on a road trip with a florist without a few crucial items! Picture a stunning Canterbury morning, you’re packing the car for an epic adventure, and here’s Ginny, heavy duty snips in tow, ready for any foraging she was to acquire over the weekend. In the end, we might have only come across a small patch of moss - but I sure learnt a lot about her during our almost 48 hours together.


Can you remember the defining moment when you decided floristry was for you?

With a Grandmother from Rarotonga, flowers have always been a big part of my life but it wasn’t until six years ago that I decided I wanted to make a living working with flowers. I’d been living in Australia and working in the corporate world where I had run several events, including a wedding where I did not meet the Japanese Bride and Groom until the day before their wedding. I had to arrange everything, including a selection of wedding dresses and suits for them to choose from and of course the flowers. I kept coming back to this longing of wanting to have a creative career. I saw a floristry business for sale and then it struck me, I’m going to be a florist!!!! I had all of the business skills and a clear vision so decided to jump straight in and start my own business. In my laundry, Charmed Flowers was born!


Charmed isn’t just a local florist, but also has a wholesale service - what does this mean?

We’re based right in the heart of the South Island Flower Trade Centre, so we have access to the biggest range of flowers available. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it for you! I truly believe flowers make peoples life better, smell a gorgeous scent and you can’t help but smile, a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers always makes a room or a desk look happier. Sometime people just want a bunch of flowers, or want to DIY a special event, so we offer wholesale flowers to the general public. Often they are actually cheaper than the supermarkets because they are full bunches, not split and they are super fresh.


What are the ultimate pieces of advice you can give couples when it comes to florals on their big day?

Think about the photos, sadly your flowers won’t last but your images will. Don’t be too matchy matchy with flower colours to dresses, they’ll blend in with the dress in your photos. If you’re on a tight budget, focus on a few lush key pieces or incorporate  lots of greenery. If going for a simple look, you want it to look clean and elegant, not sparse.


How would you describe your floristry style?  

Relaxed, soft, a bit wild, romantic and fun. Is that a style? I think I’ve just described myself!


What do you love most about what you do?  

Apart from the flowers (I get so excited about scented blooms), it would be making people happy. There is no better feeling than being told that my flowers made someone’s day. Just last week I had a lovely customer come in to tell me that the flowers I had done for her lovely mums funeral service were so much better than she had imagined. We both cried; For me, it doesn’t get better and makes the back breaking hours all worth it.


Are you self taught, or did you study?  

A bit of both actually. I did the basics through a flower school in Australia but a lot of the skills I use now, I’ve developed myself and honed along the way.


Your favourite flower?  

Arggh, that’s too hard, I can’t choose just one. Favourites are peonies, garden roses, stock, gardenia and daphne.


What can you see trending this season?  

Deep reds and blush, big time! and lots of greenery.


Manoeuvring the markets looks like a skill in itself, talk to us about how they work?

Imagine going to a house auction, it’s like that but there are THREE happening at once. You’ve really got to be on to it and it’s very daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun and a little addictive. I’ll usually get there before the auction starts, have a look at the product and what I’d like or need to get. It’s always a little nerve wracking when there’s something that you MUST have, because you have no idea how much you’re going to have to pay.


Favourite canterbury hotspot? What do you like to do in your spare time?  

I’m a bit of a homebody really and like to chill out at home with my partner, two sons, the dog and cat when I’m not working. Nothing better than a good book, a glass of wine and chocolate! We checked out The Last Word on New Regent Street recently, that was cool.


Welcome to Christchurch Weddings, Ginny! I can’t wait for our next adventure together.


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png