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Captured by  Charlotte Sowman

Captured by Charlotte Sowman

When Caitlin from Febella Flowers welcomed me through her door, I instantly felt at home amongst the bright orange walls, colourful furnishings and greenery all around. The sun was streaming into the lounge and embers glowed warmly in the fireplace - sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon, right? It got even better when Caitlin whipped out the most beautiful tea pot and started making us tea from scratch throwing the likes of lavender, nettle leaves and orange zest into the brew - total bliss.

You know, destiny is a funny creature, you may believe in her or not, but when it comes to Caitlin, it’s followed her ever since she was a little girl. I’ll let her tell you the rest.


What is your earliest memory of your love for nature?

I remember when I was a little girl, a potter friend of my parent’s would take me around their garden and tell me “look into the flower Caitlin, tell me what you see” - I think this started my flower addiction. I was then forever picking off flower heads in any garden we visited, my Nana always saying to me that one day I’d would be a florist, little did she know!


In what moment did you decide you were going to follow a career as a Florist?

That was in seventh form year, I hadn’t put much thought into “what next” and it seemed like I was the only one. A close friend passed on during that year, and each week we would visit the cemetery. Each week I’d take fresh florals to put on his grave, and as the weeks went by friends started saying to me that I should move into floristry.


You’ve spent a bit of time overseas, how did you develop your love for floristry over there?

Living and working in Amsterdam was an absolute blast! I based myself there and spent a bit of time travelling around Europe. Seeing work from Dutch Masters and spending time in foreign flower shops was wonderful. I picked up a few tricks around the place and fell in love with some seriously stunning blooms that unfortunately aren’t available in the New Zealand market…yet. Here’s hoping there are some super star growers out there looking into global trends and considering planting some of the ‘new’ species available.  


Describe your style?

Think mountains and valleys, think colour and texture. Think beautiful highs and stunning lows, think spacious glory and flowing rhythm. Think flowing movement and dainty details. Then add a sprinkling of wilder and just a touch of whimsy and wrap it all up in a secret fairy garden.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Totally inspired by mother nature in all her beauty. Whether it be in the lay of the land or the shape of a branch, the colours in the sky or the texture of a flower. There are so many things in nature I draw from. I like to think my style is quite organic so to me it just makes sense that nature is my number one inspirer.


Favourite places to go foraging?

I am lucky enough to have a few private gardens I am welcomed to for foraging and am always on the hunt for more, if you would like to welcome me to yours I wouldn’t say no!

I am a sustainable forager who has trained in floristry, horticulture and arboristry and use these skills to select branches or stems to take to benefit both me and the plant. I like to hit several places in the red zone and juxtapose my foraging with a bit of gorilla gardening around my favourite spots.


Where is your favourite Canterbury hotspot, and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I just love getting up in time to see the sun rise over the sea. Walking with Peaches our Bull Mastiff is one of my favourite things. I also like hanging out at the sign of the bell bird at sun down with a glass of wine and listening to the bell bird chorus.


Favourite flower?

Ohhh, that is some tricky ever changing question to answer. It’s impossible for me to choose one!! I will have to give you several, in no particular order… Gloriosa lily, Peony, Dahlia (like the three in my logo) but also Orchids (Oncidium, Slipper, Cymbidium) Fox glove and Protea’s.
If you were to look these up you would see that they’re all quite different (excepting maybe the dahlia and peony) I like them all for different reasons, but it usually comes down to four things, colour, texture, rhythm and movement.


Aside from weddings, where else can you find Febella creations?

I have started doing the First Thursday market in The Colombo and also do markets at festivals. I have flowers in Soul Style Organic Hair Salon, Sun Dog Diner and Evil Genius with more coming soon. I will also be selling through my website and be open to taking orders. Watch this space.


I had an absolute blast meeting you Caitlin, and can’t wait for our next cuppa. Your wild soul is so welcomed to the Christchurch Weddings Directory.


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png